Auspicious and inspiring bathroom renovation trends for 2019

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Auspicious and inspiring bathroom renovation trends for 2019

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, you might want to take a look at all the creative things 2019 has to offer. Trends are constantly changing and this goes double for bathroom designs. Your bathroom has to be your own little personal sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy the moment. In order to do this, you’re going to want to make it look the part. There are tons of interesting design choices you can choose from this year and there’s no reason you should hold back. This year has brought some wild ideas into play. Here are some great examples.

1. Brass & gold are back in style

If you’re a big fan of the vintage look, this design is going to be right up your alley. There’s something about gold and brass designs that go well with bathrooms and people are clamouring to get them for their own little washroom oasis. They won’t look like your grandparent’s brass faucets from yesteryear, these designs go for a warm and welcoming look above all else. Just about anything in your bathroom can be given a brass and gold vintage transformation. Everything from the sink pipes to the toilet is fair game.

Homeowners adore the warm look of gold-toned bathroom fixtures. It’s a welcome change after years of the minimalistic and cold designs that have been popular lately. Once you add a specific finish, the traditional look will be complete. The finish can be made from things like satin, matte, or even spun gold. Warmer tones have become the accent pieces of a room and they are pretty big for bathrooms right now.

2. Make those colours pop

Colourful isn’t the first word that pops into your mind when you think of a bathroom. Normally, everyone thinks of them as clean, pearly white rooms that give off a sterile vibe. However, times are changing and the colour is making its way back into the modern bathroom. We’re seeing people stray from the common grey tones and they’re quickly embracing warmer colours and more interesting palettes.

Different colours are said to have different effects on your mind and mood. Yellow is considered a cheerful and energetic colour. On the opposite side of the spectrum, blue is said to make you feel relaxed and calm. People are harnessing the effects of colours to help them get the perfect bathroom experience. If every other room in your home is colourful, there’s no reason to keep your bathroom a bland white colour forever.

A bathroom is your private sanctuary, so make it as private as possible. Curtains are a good way to make your self comfortable and bring some elegant colours to your bathroom. Pinch pleat curtains could be the perfect way to enlighten your sanctuary with elegance and colour.

3. There’s no limit to shapes you can pick

Once upon a time, you were limited by the number of shapes you could pick for bathroom tiles. The technology wasn’t there and getting custom made tiles would have been expensive for your average person. Luckily, technology has improved quite a bit and you can let your imagination go wild in the form of unique bathroom designs.

There has been a resurgence in some old designs as well. You can easily find new and improved hexagon shapes, diamond, arabesque, and even fish scales. If you’re considering custom bathroom renovations, you aren’t limited to the floor, either. These eye-catching designs can grace every single wall of your new bathroom. With limitless choices, you can design the bathroom of your dreams as long as you have an idea in your head.

4. Baths & showers galore

Showers have long been staples of the modern bathroom. People have done away with bathtubs which were considered inefficient time sinks and replaced them with the convenient standing shower. Strangely, there has been a resurgence in bathtub designs and they’re becoming as popular as ever. Convenience is no longer the name of the game. In a way, luxury has taken its place as the most important aspect of bathrooms. It’s hard to name something more luxurious than a nice, warm bubble bath.

Designers have gone wild with creative bathtubs and modern showers. Big, freestanding bathtubs are one of the most popular choices since they offer you a place to relax and unwind. Showers aren’t getting pushed aside, either. Open showers are really in right now, as well. They give your bathroom a spacious look while also being extremely easy to use and clean. No matter how you want to wash your body, you’re going to have lots of interesting options to choose from. This way you can do it with style, too.

There are many tips and tricks online for designing your bathroom, no matter how big or tiny it is. There are some rules you have to know about the design of big and small spaces, and that knowledge will help you to break those rules in a creative way.

The bathroom usually isn’t the place where you can take creative risks, but times are changing. You can add creative designs to your heart’s delight. The good news is you have a lot of things to choose from. Decide whether you want to go all out on luxury or save yourself some convenience on the side. All in all, it’s going to be a good year for creative bathroom renovations.


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