Australia Open Prize Money Closing Gender Pay Gap In Sports

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Australia Open Prize Money Closing  Gender Pay Gap In Sports

The gender pay gap, which is present across all industries in Australia and the US, has been receiving a lot media attention.

Women in Hollywood, including Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Viola Davis have spoken out on the disparity.

Equally, in Australian sports the same disparity has come under scrutiny. Where female players earn considerably less money than male players.

In the world of tennis changes have been happening. Since 2007, the Australian, US & French Open, Wimbledon and combined Masters events, pay equal prize money to both men and women. Staring, the journey of closing the gender pay gap.

The infographic below analyses the gender pay gap in tennis as sport that is trying to close the unfair gap. Although there are some sports in Australia such as AFL and cricket where the salary gap is still an issue, the good news is that the gap has been closing in the last years.

Australian Sport’s gender pay gap is finally closing up.

Tennis, due to the decision to offer equal prize, is by far the most equal of all major sports. This is a positive sign and hopefully all other sports will follow suit.

Tennis has the most high profile women players in the world that earn a lot of money, equitable to men. If they win a Slam then they are paid the same.

With improved media coverage and smart advert­ising other female sports can gain the respect of the public. And experience an increase in viewership,which in turn will convert to better wage pay.

The gender equality dispute is an on-going discussion that needs to be seriously addressed not only for the future of women’s sports but also for women across all industries.  No matter what industry, women  should be paid the same a men for doing work of equal value.


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