Bathroom Design and Remodelling Ideas on a Budget

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Bathroom Design and Remodelling Ideas on a Budget

Bathroom remodels can be pretty expensive affairs which is why it’s important to handle them carefully. To strive and strike a balance between your needs and wants and price-to-profits ratio. But how exactly do you pick the best bathroom remodel projects, and which upgrades promise the highest return on investment? Here are a few tips for bathroom design and remodelling ideas on a budget.

1. Make smart countertop savings

Granite countertops have been all the rage among bathroom designers over the past few years, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, granite is rather expensive, which is why you should use a more cost-efficient alternative. Or have it carved from a slab which contains imperfections, which are usually considerably cheaper yet no less durable or aesthetically pleasing. If remodel budget is a serious issue, you can use engineered stone, tiles, or concrete as a cost-effective alternative to granite.

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2. Limit the use of ceramic tiles

Classic tiles can be pretty expensive. Especially if your bathroom is large and you have to hire a professional to install them for you. To save cash, you should sparingly use ceramic tiles in your bathroom. Instead, resort to water-resistant paint as a budget-friendly alternative. As a general rule, tiles are a must in the shower or above the bathtub. But other bathroom surfaces can be coated with water-resistant paint to trim the total remodel expenses and achieve superior aesthetics at the same time.

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3. Touch up caulk and grout

Another aspect that can make or break superior bathroom visuals is grout lines. Grout lines should be cleaned regularly and worn caulk should be re-applied to prevent development of mould and bacteria and to keep the bathroom looking fresh. On top of their functionality and visual effectiveness, grout and caulk touch-ups are also super-cheap. Complete the application project on your own for a precious dose of sparkle and added appeal sans extra expenses.

4. Green updates do it best

Another simple trick that will help you secure extensive savings during the bathroom remodel is the use of repurposed materials. Eco-friendly features will help you ensure long-term savings and increase the market value of your home at the same time. For instance, you can up-cycle an old mirror or discarded wood in the form of shelving to add a cute vintage or rustic note to your shower room, while at the same time dialling down the remodel costs.

5. Refinish goes a long way

Bathtub replacement is one of the most expensive bathroom remodel projects. Which is why it should be your last resort option. To trim total remodel costs, you should have the tub relined or refinished, instead of having a new one installed. In addition to that, you should have the tub inspected for signs of wear, rust, and dents, and have the damage repaired before you proceed to refinish or repaint it.

6. Don’t replace it, dress it

If bathroom cabinetry has seen better days, it’d be a smart move to repair and repaint it. Instead of investing in new furniture pieces. To reduce bathroom renovation costs, you can sand off the worn paint coat and retouch it yourself. Or you could dress the shelves with water-resistant self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper to hide signs of age and wear, give your bathroom a new look, and to keep mould and mildew development at bay at the same time.

7. Accessorize the smart way

Another way to stretch your bathroom remodel budget is to pick extras and accessories wisely. As a rule, money spent on first-rate bathroom accessories and features will be an investment in long-term savings and increased market value of your property, so don’t skimp on accents and extras even if your remodel budget is limited. If possible, install first-rate water fixtures and try to make savings on less critical elements that won’t compromise your bathroom’s functionality or aesthetic value.

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8. Make plumbing work for you

If you’re looking to minimize the bathroom remodel costs, you should avoid extensive plumbing changes or updates, especially if your bathroom is on the smallish side. Instead of relocating the bathtub or toilet, strive to make the most of the bathroom space by means of modular shelving and water-proof drapes and dividers. After all, it’s much easier and more cost-efficient to make do with slight or partial layout changes than to go in overhauling the bathroom completely with sledgehammers and power drills.  

Ready, steady, go and remodel your bathroom right away! A floor-to-ceiling bathroom remodel doesn’t have to cost a small fortune if you know how to make your renovation investment work for you – and if you’re still here, you now do. Good luck!

Derek Lotts

Derek Lotts is a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator and writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and everything related to home improvement.

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