Beautiful Beaches – 6 Of Australia’s Best Beach Towns

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Beautiful Beaches – 6 Of Australia’s Best Beach Towns

Whether you’re looking for the best ​​Torquay builders to make your dream home a reality or you just want a vacation rental for a few weeks, there are plenty of Australian beach towns to choose from. Almost too many, in fact! 

Australia’s 12,000 or so beaches stretch along a coastline that goes for 37,000 miles. However, not all beaches come with a town, and not all beach towns are made equal. That’s why we’ve focused on six of the best and most beautiful beaches – 6 of Australia’s best beach towns.

1. Port Douglas

Port Douglas is about an hour north of Cairns, North Queensland. Well known for the firm sands of 4 Mile Beach, it also offers plenty of other beachgoing activities. The fishing is fantastic, sailing is easy to organize, and the waters are filled with scuba diving and snorkelling sites. In fact, it’s only an hour or so to the Great Barrier Reef. 

Alongside beach activities, there are weekly markets, plenty of shopping, and a nearby wildlife sanctuary with dozens of native species. Visit any time of year, but keep in mind that it’s busier in the dry season.

2. Lorne

Located in Victoria, Lorne is a couple of hours south of Melbourne along the famous Great Ocean Road. Although it has been getting more crowded over the years, Lorne is still a great spot to sunbathe on the beach or jump into the crystal-clear waters for a swim. 

The long stretch of beach provides great hiking opportunities as well. If you prefer a different scene, then Teddy’s Lookout provides amazing overviews of the town. For rainforest enthusiasts, the Great Otway National Park is nearby. 

3. Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a popular beach town in New South Wales. Although it’s become a tourist hot spot, it still manages to keep a laidback and surfer-friendly charm. Alongside lounging about at the beach or hitting the waves, there is plenty to do in town as well. The weekly farmer’s market is perfect for loading up on fresh produce. There’s also a thriving arts scene, with live music events held all throughout the year. 

4. Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, a few hours north of Brisbane. It’s well known (and loved) for its whale watching, dramatic landscapes, and the world-famous Fraser Island. 

Not too far from the beautiful beaches are state forests and national parks. You can spend the morning watching the sunrise over the ocean, the afternoon surrounded by trees, and the evening shopping and eating calamari on Hastings Street

5. Margaret River

Margaret River is a great little beach town a few hours south of Perth in Western Australia. This coastal town provides great surf beaches loved by locals and travellers alike. When you want to take a break from the surf, you can head off on a hike along the beautiful coastline. In the afternoon, you might stop by one of the local wineries for a tasty glass (or three). 

6. Broome

Broome is a beach town in Western Australia, about halfway between Perth and Darwin. If you’re looking for remote towns, this may be your perfect spot. Famous for its pearls, it also has stunning beach views looking out into the Indian Ocean. 

After soaking in the sun and waves, you can cycle around town, take a camel ride along the beach, or head to Chinatown for some tasty eats. If the tide is right, you can even find dinosaur footprints out on Gantheaume Point. 

When you’re planning your next vacation or your next move, keep the six beach towns above in mind – and enjoy the sun, waves, and sand. 

Featured photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash
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