Beginner Golfer Tips to Hit a Driver Better

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Beginner Golfer Tips to Hit a Driver Better

Golfers of all levels face difficulties hitting a driver but they learn over time. However, beginners have a hard time learning how to hit a driver. But maybe it’s just a perception. From the perspective of Bobby Walia, there are mainly three issues that beginners golfer need to focus on. The first is that they are always under pressure. Secondly, either they hit a big slice or just hit it all around the place. This article focuses on addressing these issues and allows us to understand how to handle nerves, slices, and inconsistencies. Practice makes you perfect and there is nothing more relevant to golf than this saying. Beginner golfer tips to hit a driver better follows below.

Lose your pressure

If you’re a beginner and you are getting nervous, don’t worry. It’s normal to be nervous on the tee box. But always remember that nervousness will affect the way you swing your driver. Nervousness has been seen to affect the game and make backswing fast and short. It becomes even harder to hit a good driver after that. To ensure that you’re focus is maintained on the game, you must have full rhythmic motion so that your first tee or a tough driving hole is clapped upon. Golf requires flexibility but if you lack it, make sure to move your main shoulder behind the ball. It will allow you to rotate freely and taking the backswing short. Creating a full turn and then shifting the weight will allow a natural swing. The swing will even be more if the weight is shifted properly. Under pressure, have great grip and maintain focus. Don’t forget to move the stick back and forth and keep a firm grip.

Hitting a Slice

It is a common problem the golfers face; slicing it off the tee. Slicing occurs when the right shoulder is downsized and forced out toward the ball, allowing the path to becoming steep and the ball moves from out to in. Remember to keep your shoulder in place so that the club drops inside. The best swing will be when you’re keeping your back to face the target in the downswing. Try to create maximum turn behind the ball and keep the right shoulder in place, so the upper body doesn’t lose control. When slicing, keep the ball’s position in line with your shirt’s logo. This will allow you to keep your swing with square shoulders, allowing you to have space to make a complete shoulder turn.

Hitting it All-Around

Having a problem to control? Nothing new; it just requires your arm speed to be the same till the finish. Make sure to swing the arm at the same speed. Usually, people swing to the ball and then stop. They then hit the ball, which leads to the shot being missed or creating confusion. Keeping constant speed will allow a good rhythmic flow. Maintain a certain distance from the ball to address the tee shots nicely. And don’t forget to keep your arms swinging because you’re about to make a golf ball swing.

Golf is a game that might look very easy to an outsider, but it requires a lot of technique to ace. Practice your golf shits and in no time, you will be an expert.

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