Being Bald & Confident Is Sexy – Science Confirms

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Being Bald & Confident Is Sexy – Science Confirms

Good news for bald men. It’s official, being bald & confident is sexy, science confirms. Move over men with long, lush locks, the era of the bald & confident men is here. The study, taken at the University of Pennsylvania, has discovered that when it comes to hair, these days less is more. Women perceive bald men to be sexier than men with long, lush locks.

The Rock

We already told you about the amazing study that told us that being bold won’t affect your love life.  Now wipe that frown off your lovely bald or balding head, because women dig you with less hair. Bald guys are seen as smart, dominant and plain sexy to women.

Participants in the study were asked to rate pictures of both bald and not, according to their attractiveness, confidence and dominance.

The results revealed that in all three domains, bald men were rated highest. Meaning bald men were perceived as more attractive, confident and dominant. Bald men were more desirable.

The study explained that the reason why bald men were perceived more desirable was that it ” is arguably a form of nonverbal behaviour, a form of expression which communicates information about the self otherwise difficult to observe.” In short, these gutsy men demonstrate bravery and boldness by choosing to go bald. Women dig this behaviour and show of confidence.

This study is great for men who might be thinking of investing in expensive and sometimes dangerous hair transplants or cheap combovers. Or for men who were starting to stress that the fairer sex was not interested in them due to lack of hair – au contraire my friend.

If you are gradually going bald or your hair is thinning, don’t hesitate anymore, shave it all off and be hot, because women find this bold move irresistibly sexy.


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