Benefits of IPE Wood to Make Outdoor Applications

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Benefits of IPE Wood to Make Outdoor Applications

Brazilian walnut, also known as IPE, is native to South America. This wood is considered an exotic wood and has been used to make magnificent buildings. Ipe wood is naturally very strong and hard, able to resist decay, weather, abrasion, and insects. Another interesting feature of Ipe wood is its density and hardness, which are twice as dense and five times as hard as most woods. Let’s explore the benefits of IPE wood to make outdoor applications.

Retains its colour for a long time

If you are looking for an exotic wood that can retain its colour for a long time, Ipe wood is your best choice. Ipe wood is used in most areas, including furniture, decks, siding, and fences. Its long life and exotic flavour make it an attractive choice for furniture manufacturers. An Ipe frame can be used for up to 40 years, which is more than four times that of ordinary pressure-treated wood.

Strong & durable

If you are looking for very strong, smooth, durable, naturally fire-resistant, and decayed sawn timber, Ipe is the right choice. If you are interested in learning about the other benefits of Ipe wood, let’s get started. Ipe is sustainable wood: as shown above, Ipe wood can be used for a long time. No application is required, and the sustainability of Ipe can exceed 75 years. It can resist termite attacks for up to 15 years, which is much longer than most types of wood. When used on the terrace, Ipe wood is strong and durable. With its high density, it is no wonder it can last so long. This factor makes it a perfect choice for terraces. Ipe wood is very ecological.

Sustainable wood

It is a renewable natural resource and usually takes up to 30 years to mature. It is usually harvested and used in most structures that require solid wood. In addition to strength and density, Ipe wood also has aesthetic advantages. Its colour ranges from light brown to dark brown, making it a beautiful and perfect choice for most furniture.

It has a smooth texture and uniform design, making it an ideal terrace choice. When used for decoration, the price of Ipe wood is almost the same as the synthetic plastic material used for decoration. This is the right choice to distinguish between an ideal deck and an unreliable deck. Ipe wood is highly resistant to factors that damage other types of wood.


It has Class A fire resistance and is more resistant to termite rot than most woods. The best material for pallets. Ipe is recognized as the best flooring material by most flooring manufacturers. Its durability and water resistance are undoubtedly top-notch, meeting all the standards of the platform.


Ipe is a very dense wood, but this may be why it is so popular. The density of Ipe wood makes it strong, durable, and strong. Its Class A fire rating makes it as fire-resistant as steel and concrete. It also shrinks and expands than most wood materials on the market. Ipe wood is a low-cost, long-term deck choice. In the long run, deck owners usually think of IPE decking as a low-cost deck material relative to its life cycle. Ipe has an exotic nature and value. The choice of Ipe wood shows how important your wood structure is to you. Its exoticism means quality, which is something we like in any wooden structure.

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