Benefits of sleeping naked

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Benefits of sleeping naked

Want to know the benefits of sleeping naked? Aside from increasing your sex life sleeping naked can also be good for you. Get ready to ditch your pajamas. Maybe it’s a bit premature but you might want to read this article and then decide if indeed you want to donate, burn or just throw away your pajamas.

#1-  More room in your drawers

Think about it, if you decide to sleep in the nude, your washing load is about to decrease and your storage space to increase and you’ll never have to go shopping for pajamas.

 #2-  No more excuse to slip into your PJ as soon as you’re home

People fall into the trap to get their PJ on as soon as they get home and  refuse to go anywhere after because they have their comfy PJ on already. PJ have a great influence on your mind to take the party animal right out of you, in the exception of sexy nightwear of course. Sleeping in the nude however, doesn’t allow you to foster those bad habits since you can’t get ready to bed until you are actually going to bed – so you keep your nice clothes on until bedtime.

#3-  Boosts your confidence

Spending time naked makes you feel more comfortable with your body. Being confident with your body is very sexy and others will notice and find you irresistibility sexy.

#4-  Strengthens your relationship

Apart from being very sensual, skin-to-skin contact delivers oxytocin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness, lowers stress, reduces blood pressure and strengthens your bond and bringing you closer together.

#5- More sex

Stating the obvious here, but sleeping nude will lead to more sex. It’s fairly intuitive; sleeping naked together builds a sense of closeness and intimacy, which in turn, strengthens your relationship.

#6- Better sleep

There are no uncomfortable thongs tearing through your skin, or nightgown from hell that rolls all the way up to your throat trying to suffocate you in your sleep. None of these will happen when you sleep naked, add to it you’ll stay cool through the night  and you’ll have a good nights sleep. There are countless benefits of a good night sleep; helps you maintain your weight, have better concentration, be in a better mood and you’ll live longer.

#7- Better skin

Sleeping naked allows your skin to breathe and your private parts air out too. Females benefit from airing their private parts as too much heat can cause some complications down there.

#8- Slows aging

By wearing clothes at night prevents growth hormones from being released and repairing your skin. Being cod at night encourages this, leading o less wrinkles.


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