Best Family-Friendly Places in Sydney

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Best Family-Friendly Places in Sydney

The holiday season is upon us and what better time to start thinking of your next trip than right now. If you are looking for a truly memorable adventure somewhere new, then consider the most breathtaking Australian city Sydney. However, some travellers who are parents or guardians to small children might feel hesitant about going a distance due to possible difficulties of travelling with young ones. Nevertheless, it does not have to be this way at all! On the contrary, Sydney is one of the top places for children due to the fact that it offers an abundance of interesting activities and attractions for even the youngest member of the family. So, if you are interested in finding out the best family-friendly places in Sydney, read on.

1. Have a lovely day at Luna Park Amusement Park

Sydney luna park family

Which child does not love going on exciting rides and participating in thrilling games? If you truly want to keep your little one entertained for hours and hours whilst you sit back for a cup of coffee (Or maybe you could go on rides yourself!) then keep the Luna Park Amusement Park in mind when in Sydney. Located in the northern part of the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park is a place no one can miss out on. From a wide array of interesting activities and rides such as Ferris wheels and dodgem cars for an adrenaline rush. It is certain that every child, young and old will jump around from excitement. Nevertheless, always check beforehand and make sure when the opening hours are. Sometimes the opening hours vary by the season so take a look at the park’s official website. 

2. Climb the Sydney tower eye and enjoy the view

Sydney tower

Now, this one might not be too captivating for smaller kids but the older ones will definitely enjoy going up the Sydney Tower Eye. To get a glimpse of the spellbinding views of the whole city of Sydney. All you need to do is take a lift to the Observation Deck where guests have the ability to gaze over the urban area and take truly memorable pictures. Also, were you aware of the fact that the Sydney Tower is considered the tallest structure in the entire city? Plus, if your kids (this is especially true if you have teen daughters) love some shopping then you are in luck. There is a gigantic mall close to the Sydney Tower Eye. Grab on tight to your wallet and remember to have fun!

3. Grab a delicious kid-friendly meal at one of the hottest foodie spots

Sydney family food

After a long day of touring the city, it is more than certain that your family will want to stop somewhere to grab a bite. Thankfully, Sydney is known as one of the best places for families because it offers a variety of affordable dining options even for people with the tightest budgets. Also, parents should definitely choose spots which attempt to entertain the whole family. For instance, Miranda event centre is ideal for people with kids, because the guests are provided with top-quality dining options as well as frequent live performances. A more luxurious option is The Grounds at Alexandria which is known for serving praise-worthy coffee and kid-friendly dishes. While the kids are busy playing around with the resident pig nicknamed Kevin Bacon. The adults can catch a break and socialize.

4. Check out sharks at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium

Another thing tourists with kids must do when visiting Sydney. Is stopping by the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium located in the very heart of the city. Were you aware of the fact that there are a total of 400 different species of sharks in the world? Here at SEA LIFE, guests have the rare opportunity to witness twelve different species of these frightening creatures in their natural habitat. The children will definitely want to walk through the long tunnel with these unique living things moving smoothly over their heads. Most importantly, it is guaranteed that the children (adults as well) will be entertained for the entire day. Make sure to check out the various areas within the Aquarium such as the Dugong Island and Great Barrier Reef. Have plenty of fun!

5. Learn the art of surfing 

Sydney Surfing

The very word “surfing” brings up images of the sandy shorelines and exotic locales. So, who does not want to try it out when visiting Sydney? With a whopping number of beaches in the city, one can definitely call Sydney a true surfer’s paradise on Earth. Fortunately, if your kids want to try out this interesting water sport for the first time, even the youngest member of the family can learn how to ride the waves. For instance, Manly Surf School starts teaching kids from the young age of 5 and up. Another option for older kids is Let’s Go Surfing at Bondi beach. Grab a surfing board and get ready for a lot of time spent in the sun.

In summary, there are so many things to do in the city of Sydney with the children that it is absolutely impossible to fit everything in during one visit. Whether you decide to go surfing or sight-seeing, the little ones will certainly have the best time of their lives.


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