Best Form Of Cardio, Jumping Rope.

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Best Form Of Cardio, Jumping Rope.

Your favourite schoolyard games are the best form of cardio – jumping rope. It’s both a cardio and a resistance workout. Best of all you can do it anywhere; a jump rope is the easiest and lightest type of fitness equipment to carry around. When you jump rope you burn the same amount of calories you would when running an 8-minute mile – impressive.

Jumping rope is considered one of the most effective workouts as it engages the whole body- using arms, core, and legs. It gets your heart rate up in a similar way that vigorous exercise do and therefore burning great amounts of calories.

Jumping rope is both aerobic and includes resistance workout, making it an exercise that promotes fat loss and minimises muscle loss. When you jump off the floor you need to lift your bodyweight off the ground and when you land you use muscles to reduce the force of landing. At every jump then you are engaging your muscles and at the same time getting an aerobic workout that is capable of burning lots of calories.

The humble rope is back in the highlight for many reasons from its cardiovascular benefits and its fat burning potential, to its affordability, portability and ease of use and no membership requirements.

With the help of technology the humble rope has evolved and there are a few different types of jumping ropes that can improve your exercise.

Smart Rope

Smart rope has the ability to connect your workout to your smartphone enabling you to monitor your workout. According to the video below, 23LED lights display up to a 4-digit number, keeping track of your number of jumps, time, calories burned, and more.

Lightweight Speed Ropes

Lightweight speed rope like GoFit are simple, easy to carry around and cost very little and are just as effective.

 Crossrope: Weighted Jump Rope

This is a great rope from Nike if you are looking to step your workout up by adding more resistance.

If you are interested in using your rope for a variety of exercises this might be the rope for you. It’s a rope with interchangeable ropes and handles to cater to strength and speed on the next day. By switching out the different ropes you can workout harder. Watch the video below if you are seasoned rope jumper already and want a challenge:

Beaded Jump Ropes

The beaded jump rope is great for warm up or if you are a beginner rope jumper. Rope is an inexpensive way to warm up or train beginners to correct their form before moving on to faster speed ropes.

What is important, whether you opt for a high-tech or simple schoolyard type of rope, is that rope is and can be your easiest, lightest and inexpensive choice to improve your fitness.

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