Best Home Improvements to Make the Most of Summer

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Best Home Improvements to Make the Most of Summer

As it gets warmer outside, homeowners are likely to step outside and work on several improvements that will help them make the most of summer. Not only is summertime ideal for DIY home projects but there are several improvements both indoor and outdoor, which can only be used when the weather is warm outside. If you’re unsure which home improvement project to engage this summer, here are the best 7 ideas. The best home improvements to make the most of Summer.

1. Repairing the white picket fence

The white picket fence might not be so much white after winter time is over. In addition, violent weather conditions might leave the fence without a picket or two, so warm weather is ideal for repairing the fence.

Start by sealing any holes in the fence created by damaged or missing pickets. If you are skilled at carpentry, then you can haul in timber and cut the new pickets yourself. However, before installing them they need to be painted, as well as the rest of the fence. You might want to drop the white colour because it is a nightmare in terms of maintenance and cleaning. 

2. A powerful ceiling fan for the kitchen

Although the gas bills go down in summer, you are still going to use a lot of electricity to power the AC units throughout the house. Since air-conditioning is known to waste energy, you can use summertime to test a ceiling fan.

The ideal room for installing a large ceiling fan is the kitchen. All the smells originating from cooking should circulate through the air, which is exactly what a ceiling fan does. Moreover, it uses far less energy than an AC unit so you can expect electricity bills to go down.

3. Relocate the kitchen outdoors

Speaking of the kitchen, you might want to consider relocating sections of it into the backyard. Namely, it’s a real hassle to constantly go inside the house to prepare food and drinks when you are having a backyard party.

However, if you move the sink and/or the countertop outside, you can prepare food and beverages outside. This will enable to have parties more often and it will easier to clean after your guests. In order to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen, there should exist a power outlet and a water tap in the garden.

4. Add a tennis court to your backyard

When the weather is fine, we all like to step outside and play a sport. However, the nearest arena or a park can be miles away so it is always useful to have a sports field in your very own backyard. There are many sports to choose from but a tennis court offers the best fun to cost ratio.

Basically, you need to decide on the surface (we recommend grass for domestic tennis courts) and then hang a net. Afterwards, install LED tennis court lighting so you can play at night and your domestic tennis court is complete. Mind you, after the neighbours notice you have a tennis court in your backyard, they’ll be lining up to play on it; charge only the ones you dislike.

5. Clean the inside of the water heater

Although you shower often in summer, you should skip scrubbing one day because the water heater needs cleaning. Namely, sandy sediment piles up inside the heater, making it use more power to warm the water inside. Opening the water heater and physically extracting the sediment will enable you to have more hot water that will heat up quicker.

6. A splash pad for the backyard

It would be great to have a swimming pool in your backyard, right? Well, this outdoor amenity comes with a hefty price tag but luckily, there are other, more affordable, water features. One that children will look especially forward to is the splash pad.

This improvement can only be used during the hottest days of the year so it won’t affect your water bills. A splash pad is a great way to cool down and you can be certain your children will become popular with neighbourhood kids once the nozzles start spurting water. 

7. Power wash walkways

High temperatures outside mean that wet surfaces dry up quickly so take advantage of summertime to power wash the driveway and the walkways. When the air is humid, mould accumulates on all kinds of pavers, from concrete to stone slabs.

Power washing removes mould and algae physically and the warm climate ensures the crevices dry up completely so no mould will form subsequently. A word of advice: be careful where you point the high-pressured hose since it can hurt plant life, your pet or it can scatter gravel all across the yard. 

Although the 7 ideas listed are among the best home improvements for the summer season, there are many more improvements you can think of yourself. Everything from building a treehouse to repainting the deck is home improvement DIY projects suitable for summertime. Try to combine both indoor and outdoor projects so your house’s look will improve each new season.

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