Best Speed Dating Tips For Women

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Best Speed Dating Tips For Women

If you have ever considered going to a speed dating event, I have some very useful speeding dating tips, especially, for women. Before you make your final decision to get signed up for one. I compiled these speed dating tips for women or for anybody who is interested in going to a speed dating event.

1. Don’t Spew All Of Your Emotional Baggage – Don’t spend all of your time talking about your horrible ex-boyfriend. Avoid bringing up the fact that you don’t trust men at all. Consider not discussing reasons why you are unable to meet men. Don’t complain about school, your friends, your job, etc. There are men available for this purpose. They are therapists.

2. Reward Good Behavior – The best way to get through to men is through their egos. When a man thinks there is a high chance you may reject him, then he might decide to not try pursuing you. So if you would like a guy to chase you, you should reward whatever you consider to be good behaviour by complimenting him or indicating that you are interested. For example, if a man shows you genuine chivalry, compliment him for this.

3. Smile – Dating isn’t supposed to be dead-serious. Sometimes all you need to do is smile to make a guy feel like seeing you again. That shows comfort and friendliness and can put a man at ease.

Best Speed Dating Tips For Women

4. Don’t Interview The Guy – He isn’t applying for a job. You aren’t either. Rather than trying to qualify one another, look for common interests and similarities that could lead you to have a second date.

5. Don’t Make The Man Do All Of The Work – At times playing hard to get can backfire and the guy may think you are either a prude or insecure. Try having equal talking time. However, definitely let the guy take the lead in the conversation. This will work in your favour.

6. If You Aren’t Attracted To Him, Be Pleasant – If you end up with a man that you would prefer to not be sitting next to, at least be pleasant about the situation. Most people do come with some friends, so if the guy that you like happens to be friends with a man you are rude to, he could find out.

7. Don’t Be Negative – Negativity can kill a date faster than practically everything else. Don’t put yourself down, don’t complain, don’t talk badly about any of the other speed daters. Try to keep the conversation fun and positive.

8. Keep Eye Contact – This is a very powerful way of building up a sexual connection. So when you are talking don’t spend all of your time looking around the room. When speaking to your date keep eye contact, but don’t stare. Staring can be very creepy.

Best Speed Dating Tips For Women

9. Sample Questions for Breaking the Ice – What is the favourite part of how a woman looks? What about yourself are you the proudest of? What is the wildest thing that you have done? I recommend that you asking different forms of these kinds of questions. Getting the guy’s ego engaged is what you are trying to accomplish.

If you plan to go to a speed dating event, and could use some professional help them you should think about hiring a dating coach. Hopefully, these tips can help you get a date or two from your speed dating event. Best wishes!

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