Best Wedding Trends of 2018

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Best Wedding Trends of 2018

Wedding trends come and go, and throughout the seasons, even the timeless styles get some changes and updates. And as the wedding season is slowly approaching, you should be well into planning your big day. Wedding experts have spoken and made their predictions and we are presented with the expected trends for this wedding season. Whether you’re planning something small and local, or a full-blown destination wedding, here are the trends to help you choose the perfect style. Read on the best wedding trends of 2018.

Darker colour palette

When planning a wedding, the focus is often on making it light and bright. Whites, pastels and other light tones have been dominating the wedding scene for years, but that is all about to change. Dark, moody tones and even black accents are the new trend for floral and all other decorations. It is an easy way to give an elegant touch to your ceremony and bring in some mystery. It will also work beautifully with the traditional white elements like the dress or the cake, allowing them to stand out even more. If you want to explore this option but are too scared to go very dark, dark greens and reds are a safe bet because they can easily be incorporated in floral arrangements and won’t be as noticeable.

Destination weddings

The fact that future newlyweds are travelling all over the world to get married is not at all new, but this year we are seeing them travelling for more than just the pretty sights. Each culture has its own traditions and ways celebrating, and people are fully embracing that, making those traditions part of their own ceremony.

Best Wedding Trends of 2018 - Destination weddings

And if you want to do this, then hiring locals is crucial. Hiring an authentic mariachi band if you are having your ceremony in Mexico will provide the right sound, and if you’re getting hitched in Australia, then experts in wedding photography from Sydney will know all the right places to make your beachside dreams come true. Use everything that your destination country has to offer – and research your options before opting for the location! You never know when you will find a little island gem or a rural European town that is just perfect for what you want.

Industrial venue

There is a reason barn venues have been so popular for the last few years: they provide a blank canvas for the couple to bring to life in whichever theme they want. But young couples these days are looking for something more minimalist, urban and hip, and they’ve found exactly that in warehouses and industrial halls, where bare concrete walls create the perfect canvas for their creativity. It is not a suitable venue for everyone, and if you want a traditional, romantic wedding, you will be better off with a classical venue, but this offers a great alternative for couples looking to express themselves.

A new way to dress

Imagine a bridesmaid. She’s probably wearing a dress, right? Not anymore, according to the newest bridesmaids trends. Jumpsuits, pants and dress shirts are all coming into the playing field and there are now more options than ever to choose from. And the brides are stepping up too, customizing their dresses in styles anywhere from bohemian to rocker-chic. Each bride can express herself in her favourite outfit and accessories – one of which will probably be a cascading bouquet full of beautiful wildflowers.

A new way to dress

Remember that trends are there to give you inspiration and options to create something that best suits you. They are not the law, and you don’t have to stick to them just to have an “on-trend” wedding. Just be yourself and you will have the best day of your life.

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