Black Color Is Not Always Negative! Here is Why…

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Black Colour Is Not Always Negative! Here is Why…

When designing a home interior, comprehending colour is always the most fun part. As each colour has its own meaning, translations, reinterpretations, and psychological impact on our mind, body, and soul. Favouring one is also a form of expression what comes from the deepest part of our soul. So, when we favour white, it can lead people to understand that we love peace, harmony, serenity, purity, and tranquillity as the colour hosts that soul. But what if we favour black colour? Does it mean that we love darkness? Tend to intimidate others? Selfish? or rather, scary. As black is often associated with power and mystery. The black colour is not always negative! Here is why…

Black symbolism

Let us tell you that black is dark, but it does not symbolize all the world’s bad things. Even the Chinese philosophy, yin, and yang reinterpret black (yang) as a male, masculinity, heaven, heat, and light. In short, black just as neutral as other primary colours available. And favouring one, especially for home design colour, does not mean you are evil or blood-curdling! Let us drag you further to its actual interpretations.

It is by the fact that black colour absorbs negative energy. But that is just a few percent of the actual function and meaning. Take a look at this room design. Does it make you feel scared? Intimidated? or does it look sophisticated? Elegant? and impressive?

What about the famous product designer Tom Dixon? Who uses a lot of black in his design. Does it mean his design creates a negative influence? No.

Black is strongly associated with the term elegance. The colour is the best pair available to white. As when incorporating both together, will form a very minimalistic space, simplicity, and luxury at the same time. At a certain point, black also associated with sexiness and seduction. Take the example of a black gown or black dress you would wear to a ball. It will increase your beauty and elegance.

Black for interior design

Back to black for an interior design, there are many ways of reinterpreting the meaning. It is never wrong to favour black in your space. Many designers and architects have used black colour to create a timeless masterpiece. The key is how you put a soul within the colour you choose because each colour is a room for you to infuse a story, emotion, and expression. The good part is, black colour can be a best friend to anyone! Be it on interior design, fashion, and styles, even to the formal scene. Black is not bad. It is part of the style that will never run out of time!

Caitlyn Knuth

This is Caitlyn Knuth from Vancouver, Canada. I am a teacher, traveler, and story writer.

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