Body grooming tips for men

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Body grooming tips for men

Hair growing in unwanted places? We have the tips and tools you need to tame the savage jungle all over your body. These are the best body grooming tips for men.


Tools: Hair clipper, handheld mirror
Upkeep: Every 3 to 4 weeks (or whenever your girlfriend starts making gorilla jokes)

If you have a willing girlfriend, set a hair trimmer on the lowest setting and have her mow against the grain. If not, use an extendable trimmer. With your back to a large mirror, use a handheld mirror to navigate the area. Guide the trimmer with your other hand.


Tools: Razor, handheld mirror
Upkeep: For a clean smooth look, every 1 to 3 days

After showering, massage your head with shaving cream. Imagine that your head is divided into quadrants. Start with a sharp multiblade razor on the front quadrants—it’s easier that way and you’ll feel more in control.


Tools: Hair clipper, handheld mirror
Upkeep: Every 2 weeks

A man looks sloppy with more than a quarter inch of growth on his neck, Southerland says. Trim from the base of your neck and move upward in short movements.


Tools: Tweezers
Upkeep: Every 2 to 4 weeks

Unibrow, begone! Using your thumb and a finger, hold the skin between your brows taut. Aim the tweezers at the base of a hair and pull it out swiftly. That way the hair won’t break and you’ll minimize the sting.


Tools: Hair clipper
Upkeep: 2 to 3 weeks

Your goal is to have chest hair that’s a little longer than half an inch, according to Robert Patrizi, owner of Halo [for Men] Salons in Chicago. If it’s your first time trimming, though, start a little longer than that so the change doesn’t feel—or appear—too drastic.


Tools: Nose-hair trimmer
Upkeep: As needed

Nose hairs prevent dirt from entering your mucous membranes, so take it easy. Stand in front of a large mirror and squeeze your nose. If you see hair, snip the hair’s tip with a hair trimmer.


Tools: Hair Trimmer
Upkeep: As needed

Don’t risk jabbing this tender region with a sharp implement when a trimmer will breeze through your jungle safely. You want to maintain the area while preventing unsightly and uncomfortable razor burn. Aim to leave about an inch of hair—and don’t pretend you’ve never estimated length down there before.



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