Boosting Your Home’s Value

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Boosting Your Home’s Value

Regardless of whether you’re planning on putting your house on the market as soon as possible, or simply thinking long-term, improving its value goes without saying. Improving your home is great on multiple fronts: it will improve the quality of your asset while making sure it’s worth more. Great as it sounds, boosting your house’s value isn’t quite easy; you see, the name of the game here is “spending as little money as possible, while greatly improving the domestic home experience for you and the future owners”. Quite logically, if you jump the gun on every price you come across, you’ll likely end up losing money in the end.



The kitchen is an excellent starting point for a home value boost for two main reasons: the buyers will pay the highest of regards for a great-looking kitchen because everything is tweakable in there. On the other hand, the kitchen is just as capable of breaking a house, as it is of making it – ancient appliances, rotting cabinetry and filthy sinks and countertops will turn away every customer, regardless of their age, gender and personality. Herein come the cheap cosmetic changes that will do a lot! Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on brand new cabinets, perhaps just paint them in a neutral colour. The best part here is that you can do it on your own!
When it comes to malfunctioning, old appliances, there really is no shortcut here – spend some time looking at the best deal available.
Finally, clean everything up, even if you’re not selling!



Although the bathroom isn’t as important as the kitchen, a filthy one is likely to turn any customer away. We suggest that you go for a full-on makeover here, but if you’re on a rather limited budget, there are some tips that might help you. For one, instead of buying an entirely new bathroom sink, replace old fixtures and see what you can do about cleaning the sink as thoroughly as possible (we suggest using baking soda). It goes the same for the bathtub or shower – if you do a good enough job, they will appear completely new!
A fresh coat of paint will do you nothing but replacing the towels and other smaller paraphernalia goes without saying.

Make it safe

silver keys in a keyring

No matter how peaceful your neighbourhood is, people will always be looking for more safety. Reinforced windows, safe doors, and quality locks are in no way signs of paranoia. In fact, it is better to be paranoid than to end up with a robbed house, or worse. A quality door with a lock from a locksmith in Meadowbank will go a long way in both protecting your home and boosting its value!

Avoid clutter

Sure, if you’re planning to move out, your stuff will be out anyway. However, while you’re still holding the open house events, it is likely that your home will appear (and be) cluttered. Now, the key thing to realize about clutter is that even if you arrange it perfectly, it is still going to be too much. A cluttered home doesn’t show its full potential, so getting rid of things for which your heart says “I might need it” but your brain says “I haven’t used this in ages” is the right way to go.

paint brush

Furthermore, a dark home will appear even more cluttered, so we suggest getting some quality LED lighting that will actually pay off in the end.

Increasing your home’s value is a long road that takes time, dedication and money, but, if handled properly, will give you a lot more in return! Focus on the kitchen and bathroom, while making it safe and avoiding clutter!

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