How to bounce back from a breakup, fast.

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How to bounce back from a breakup, fast.

Still coping with a breakup? That’s no reason to avoid dating, finds a new study from Queens College. Stop shedding those tears and put yourself out there in the market.

People who enter a new relationship within a couple months of a split enjoy higher rates of well-being and self-esteem—and more respect from their new partners—than those who put off dating for longer periods, the study shows.

The old adage: “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone.” That seems to be true. A rebound makes us feel wanted and desirable,” explains study co-author Claudia Brumbaugh, Ph.D. Rebound dating also provides emotional stability, as well as a distraction from thinking—or obsessing—about an ex, Brumbaugh says. If there’s a downside to rebound dating, “we haven’t found it yet,” she adds.

Brumbaugh says she and her colleagues are planning follow-up experiments to tease out potential pitfalls of bounce-back dating. But for now, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take a chance if you meet someone you like on the heels of a breakup.

There you have it, give dating another go and you won’t stay down for long.


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