Brazil Fever

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Brazil Fever

Have you been hit by the Brazil fever? Throughout the World Cup we have been teased with beautiful images of Brazil’s beauty, its songs and vibration. Which has spiked a global surge of interest for all things Brazilian.

What does Brazil have to offer as a tourist destination? Brazil is a vast country, it has varied scenery, much of it unspoiled, some wonderful colonial architecture, and a fascinating mix of peoples and cultures. There is plenty of entertainment to choose from, activities and guided tours. Brazil is probably one of the best places to travel to if you love excitement and to experience new things.

Here is a list of things not to miss when you are in Brazil:

1.   View from the Corcovado, Rio

Climb the Corcovado Mountain – where the image of Christ the Redeemer stands – for breathtaking views taking in the whole of Rio and Guanabara Bay.

2.   Capoeira

Step into a capoeira school, where you can watch the dance-like sparring of this distinctive martial art for free.

3.   Markets

If you love the markets, you must walk through any market in Brazil to get a sense of the country’s natural abundance. São Paulo’s Mercado Municipal, crammed with produce from all over Brazil, is particularly impressive.

4.  The Pantanal

You’ll be hard-pressed to not spot wildlife in the world’s biggest inland swamp. If jungles, wild life and eco tourism are your scene, then trips to the vast Amazon rainforest and river basin or the interior wetlands of the Pantanal are for you.

5.  Iguaçu Falls

The spectacular Iguacu Falls, in the south-west of the country, are shared with Argentina (where they are called Iguazu) and it would be a pity to go all the way to South America without having a peek at them.

6.  Trekking in the Chapada Diamantina

Explore the dramatic terrain of this enormous national park, which includes mesas, forest, weird and fantastic rock formations above ground, crystal clear lakes and underground rivers, river beaches, waterfalls and a kilometre-long grotto. Here you’ll experience some of the widest eco-adventures in Brazil.

7.   Churrascarias

Churrascarias, translates roughly from Portuguese for ‘barbecue’.  You must try these specialty-grilled meats – numerous cuts of beef, plus pork, lamb, chicken, duck and more – at these typical gaúcho barbecue houses.

 8.  Candomblé Celebrations

Usually identifiable by their white dress, followers of this popular Afro-Brazilian religious cult worship together in exuberant dance ceremonies as well as at fiestas

9.  Florianopolis Beaches

Head to the island capital of Santa Catarina state, where you’ll find the most breathtaking beaches in the world. While the waters at the Floripa beaches on the west side of the island are calm and protected and thus great for families and swimming. Florianopolis’ entire east coast is blessed with a constant flow of powerful Atlantic swells, making for some of the most amazing and consistent year-round surfing you will find anywhere in the world.

10.  The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Take a short ferry ride from Rio and spend some time at this spaceship-like museum, one of Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural masterpieces, completed in 1996.

11.  Visit Rio’s Beaches

On weekends you can hang with locals who escape to Rio’s sands to play sports, catch up on gossip or simply people-watch.

12.  Carnival

For a memorable experience, take in the most important of Brazil’s festivals, CARNAVAL celebrated in notably grand style in Rio, Salvador and Olinda. Rio’s carnival features spectacular floats and costumes built by the samba schools grabs all the international attention, but it is celebrated in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday on the religious calendar, usually in February or March

There is a lot to see and do when visiting Brazil and no matter how much time you have there, you’ll wish you had more at the end of your holiday.




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