Broaden your Sexy- Erotic vocabulary

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Broaden your Sexy -Erotic vocabulary

Whether you’re composing an elaborate sext or simply trying to up your sex game, here are some beautiful dirty, sex-related words that ramp up your sexy times. Dirty talking is a skill and further enhanced when you have the right vocabulary.

Try to pepper them into your every day sexy talk. Cause it’s never too late to up your game.

Unsuspecting victims will never know you are being down right dirty as some of these words are not widely known. You could be describing aspects of lovemaking and sex play or just complimenting them on their best assets.

Apolaustic [adjective]: Devoted to pleasure; hedonistic.

Ex. At the end of the day, can you really blame Charlie Sheen for pursuing an apolaustic lifestyle?

Callypigian [adjective]: Having attractive buttocks.

Ex: Kim Kardashian certainly has the most callipygian figure of the twenty-first century.

Cuckquean [noun]: The opposite of a cuckold — a woman with an unfaithful husband.

Ex: “Katie was such a cuckquean. Her boyfriend brought home some chick from the bar to fuck. They forced her to sit in the corner and watch.”

Concupiscence [noun]: Strong sexual desire.

Ex. “Babe, wanna turn off the TV? I’m feeling a bit…concupiscent.”

Desideratum [noun]: Something that is desired or needed.
Ex. Ryan Gosling is my desideratum, and I WILL have him.

Ecdysiast [noun]: A stripper.

Ex. Most ecdysiasts perform striptease for tips.

Houghmagandy [noun]: Fornication.

Ex. “She would have preferred him to have gone through a bit of wholesome houghmagandy with the wench”.

Irrumatio[noun]: Forced fellatio, or “face fucking.”

Ex. I was having irrumatio last night, its even better then fellatio!”

Olisbos [noun]: A dildo.

Ex. “Honey go get your olisbode?”


Onanism [noun]: Masturbation.

Ex. “now on the subject of onanism…we dont want to find you hunched double on the sofa bed pumping your fist”( league of gentlemen)

Pompoir [noun]: The practice of stimulating the penis with the internal muscles of the vagina.

Ex. “she used pompoir to please her boyfriend.”

Priapic [adjective]: Phallic. Penis

Ex. “What are you doing to encourage your little priapic enthusiasms?”

Retrocopulation [noun]: Doggy-style sex.

Ex. “My favorite sexual position”

Satyriasis [noun]: A man’s excessive sexual desire.

Ex. “I have Satyriasis!”

Steatopygous [adjective]: Having fat buttocks.

Ex. “Wow, that guy over there is steatopygous.”

Troilism [noun]: A threesome in which one party is strictly an observer.

Ex.” I’m happy to sit back and watch you take my wife.”

Uteromania [noun]: A female’s uncontrollable desire for sex; nymphomania.

Ex. After many years of dating, Alvin was still searching for that perfect, uteromanic, Zooey Deschanel-lookalike girl of his dreams.

These are only a few words; do you know of any that might help us enrich our naughty vocabulary? Please share.


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