Building Dispute Or Issue with Pets – Strata Lawyer To The Rescue

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Building Dispute Or Issue with Pets – Strata Lawyer To The Rescue

Living in an apartment comes with the added requirement of knowing information about the Strata laws. Laws that apply to your complex. The type of property ownership can differ and in the case of Strata Title; it means owning a part of a larger property. For example, apartment ownership in a large apartment block can be referred to as a Strata title. The legal issues that arise due to the common property are often hard to deal with. Often require the expertise of an expert Strata lawyer. Building disputes or issues with pets – strata lawyer to the rescue.

Disputes are common

Disputes are more common in the case of Strata buildings. They can range from issues pertaining to; excessive noise, behavioural issues, building defects or repair work, community disputes, property developer issues. It would take building dispute lawyers in Sydney to provide expert legal assistance; in the case of an issue with the building.

Important Statistics & Facts

  • Less than 50% of the residents of such apartments are from Australia and the language spoken; is other than English (in 2016).
  • Common disputes with Strata Community include 61% for parking, 59% for breaking the law, 50% for excessive noise, 41% for rubbish, 39% for repair & maintenance, 36% common property usage, 35% for pets, 10% for a dispute over common property, etc.
  • A Strata lawyer can assist with the issue of noisy neighbours in a Strata Building.
  • In the case of restriction against letting out a Strata unit; it might be a good idea to contact a qualified lawyer for assistance.
  • Fixing a water leak might be something the owner needs to undertake; however, it would require a review of the Strata By-laws or Strata plan by a lawyer.
  • This type of lawyer can help resolve a parking dispute in a legal manner.
  • When pets are not allowed at your residence; a Strata Lawyer might be able to make an exception in the By-laws to help you out.

Common Legal Issues with Strata Properties

  • Legal complications from developing a strata scheme:

Building a strata complex is different from a freestanding house or other types of complexes. There are several special rules and regulations that a builder has to follow. In addition, each strata complex tends to have its unique set of by-laws as well. It is a Strata lawyer that comes to the rescue with all legal issues pertaining to planning, development and approvals.

  • Strata Scheme Registration:

The registration of a Strata Scheme is not a simple procedure since it involves multiple steps. This is a lengthy procedure that requires plenty of relevant legal knowledge. To draw up the plan prior to submitting to the local council.

  • Drafting & Amending By-Laws:

This is a task for one of the professional Strata lawyers in Sydney. These are special rules that are custom made to deal with the issues pertaining to the complex. Maybe about fines or some other penalty.

  • The dispute for the repair of building damages:

When there is damage to the building. Or a desperate need for repair work and there is ambiguity on whose responsibility it is. A building dispute lawyers in Sydney can come to the rescue.

  • Behavioural issues:

Dealing with the behavioural issues of other fellow residents is not an easy task for an average resident. However, with proper By-laws in place, it is possible to enforce several rules & regulations. Some of the common by-laws drafted by professional’s lawyers for Strata complexes include; that for excess noise, miscue of parking, offensive behaviour, etc. The By-laws also make the task of a lawyer much easier in the case where a resident needs to rely on one.

The Strata lawyers in Sydney, NSW can help with a wide range of issues; including making an exception when it comes to allowing pet lovers to keep their pet in a Strata complex where pets are not allowed.

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