How to buy the foxiest lingerie for your girlfriend

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How to buy the foxiest lingerie for your girlfriend.

Lingerie can be sexy, provocative, and spice things up in the bedroom. How do you then buy the foxiest lingerie for your girlfriend? It really is simple; all you have to do is follow the five guidelines bellow:

1.    Know her size.

Nothing could be more disappointing than being given the wrong size lingerie and it will definitely spoil your evening plans.  

Hint: Look at labels on her existing lingerie and the size of her clothing that way you are covering all bases. Trust me you want to be well prepared for your shopping day.

2.    Choose the right lingerie

Some lingerie is meant for comfortable wear and others are for bedroom wear or for sex.  Choose well.

3.    Emphasize is her best asset:

If she has a beautiful butt or gorgeous breast then get her lingerie that emphasizes her best features. A boy-short-thong is particularly sexy for women with great butts. If the store you are in doesn’t have one ask for another style called ‘ a tango’ which is very similar. For girls with petite breast, buy soft-cup-bras they will make her look bigger and flatter her, plus even you will like the illusion.For a woman with a bigger bust, don’t go for the bras with underwire support because she already has the goods.

4.    Choose a colour she loves and feels sexy in

 She might love pink, red or bright patterns or even animal prints. Go with what makes her feel feminine, wild and sexy.

5.    Completely forgot to do your reckon?

To play it safe go for a sexy chemise because this style will work for any type of woman. It has a stretch lace top which means will fit a small or busty woman plus the A-line silk bottom (think of the letter A when looking at the style of the bottom of the chemise) is flattering on any figure.

It might seem a bit overwhelming but if you do your homework before you leave shopping for lingerie it is actually quite easy.  Now go shopping for some lingerie your woman will actually love.


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