Can Pets Make Us Healthier?

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Can Pets Make Us Healthier?

Australian’s love their pets and own one for many different reasons. Pets offer companionship, keep us active and make us feel we matter by showering us with love and attention. Research suggests that our fluffy friends can indeed make us healthier. Can pets make us healthier? Seeker, with their sense of curiosity, answer this question and others in this short video.

Is man’s best friend also an unusual elixir for good health? Media coverage of the effects of pets promises increased longevity and myriad other health benefits associated with bringing a dog into your life. But, at the same time, other headlines are claiming the opposite–That pets have no effect on health whatsoever. So which is it?

Watch the video to learn the ways pets can improve your well-being as well as fill your life with unconditional love.

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