Can women think their way to orgasms?

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A new study conducted in France has found a link between sexy thoughts and the female orgasm.

Research has found that women who regularly reach orgasm during sex reported having more erotic thoughts and seemed to be more present in the moment when they were having intercourse than those who did not orgasm regularly during sex. When it came to self-stimulation however, both groups were found to have equal amounts of erotic thoughts. Women then will reach orgasm more regularly during intercourse if they engage in sexy thoughts.

The study looked at 251 French women ages 18 to 67, of this group 176 women in the group said they regularly had orgasms during sex and 75 said they had difficulties climaxing with their partners. All those in the group said they were sexually active and the frequency of sexual activity varied between two and 90 times per month. Women in the study were asked to answer questions about the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that played a part in their ability to orgasm during sex and self-stimulation.

The results from this study align with the results of another study published in 2011 in the journal  Sexologies, which found a link between the lack of erotic thoughts during intercourse and troubles reaching orgasm. The study also found that women who were not able to reach orgasm tended to be distracted by other thoughts not related to sex during intercourse. Ladies it is important to empty your minds of the daily chores and worries and gear your thoughts to the fantasies that turn you on and make you reach the desired orgasm.

Has science finally answered the question to the ever elusive female orgasm?

Yes, it appears that it seems the key to more frequent orgasms could be a little mindfulness and whole lot of erotic fantasies.

Ladies do sexy thoughts help you get over the line?


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