Can’t find true love? 4 Common mistakes you might be making

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Can’t find true love? 4 Common mistakes you might be making

Anyone who’s been in the dating game for a while will tell you that finding true love is no easy task. Even those who are happy and safe in their relationships will tell you they just got lucky or that they spent a lot of time working on finding The One. After a while of being lonely and not in love, you naturally start to wonder if you’re the problem. In some cases, it may very well be that you’re making some common dating mistakes without being aware you’re making them. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, just that you need to fine-tune your approach to romance.

1. Setting yourself up to fail

Before you start dating, you have to make sure you’re emotionally available. As well as that, you need to make sure your love interest is emotionally available, too. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up to fail. If someone is honest about not wanting anything serious, if they’re married, if they have commitment issues- don’t stick around. This person isn’t going to change and you’ll end up heartbroken.

Save yourself the time and energy and seek out like-minded individuals who are looking for the same things you are. Though it may be hard, eventually you’ll stumble on the other pea to share the pod with you. Start by changing the main place where you meet people. For example, you have more chance of finding true love in the park or the library than a club or a bar. Starting a new hobby may also help you meet people who like the same things you do.

Can’t find true love? 4 Common mistakes you might be making

2. Not being confident

If you haven’t heard the news yet: confidence is sexy. There’s nothing more attractive than a man or a woman being sure of themselves and knowing their worth. This kind of attitude attracts mature people who know what they want. Those are the kind of people you should be starting a relationship with. Anyone who thrives off of your insecurities is toxic and should be cut out of your life as soon as possible.

To become more confident, you’ll need to find things you like about yourself. As well as that, try getting out of your comfort zone and work on yourself. Even the simple stuff like changing the way you dress or starting going to the gym can make a huge difference and make you more self-confident. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Others won’t respect and love you if you don’t do it first.

3. Being too busy to date

Love seems to be completely unavailable to anyone who wants to succeed in their field of work. Why is it that successful people always have to be alone? Well, for one, their schedules are very busy. Even if they are lonely and looking for love, they might not have as many opportunities to get out there and try. This inevitably leads to more feelings of loneliness and eventually gets successful people to stop trying looking for love.

The thing is, with modern technology advancing all the time, there are more ways to meet your true love than just by going out. You’re already probably aware of this, as well as the fact that most modern apps are useless. One option that works for the busy careerist is specialized dating service companies. You know that people of similar interests and lifestyles will apply, you’re trusting professionals to match you, and you’re almost instantly with the right person without wasting time, energy, or your heart.

Can’t find true love? 4 Common mistakes you might be making-love couple date

4. Not knowing how to receive

Though it may be fulfilling to take care of your partner and give them all the things they deserve, you need to know how to receive as well. They like giving as much as you do. If you don’t let your partner take care of you, they may end up feeling unappreciated, smothered, or unwanted. On the other hand, this behaviour will only attract those who want to take advantage of your good and caring nature.

There’s nothing wrong with caring for your partner as long as you let them give you the love and attention you deserve as well. It’s all about finding that perfect balance. If you’re too independent, you can try letting your partner help with the little things. This way, they’ll feel like they’re making a difference, and you’ll get used to the idea of someone helping you.

If you’ve recognized yourself in any of these examples, it means you’re on the right way to change. True love comes by exactly when it’s supposed to, all you can do is be prepared for it. Don’t fall in the trap of despair, as you’re one step closer to holding the one you love in your arms every night.


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