Catch a Bus for Your Next Long-Distance Travel Adventure – 5 Reasons Why

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Catch a Bus for Your Next Long-Distance Travel Adventure – 5 Reasons Why

Even though travelling by plane is fast, convenient and fairly inexpensive, there are still people who prefer to travel in a more traditional style – by bus. Here are 5 good reasons why you should catch a bus for your next long-distance travel adventure.

1. Bus Tickets Are Cheap

Despite the low cost of plane travel, bus tickets are still extremely affordable, as they are more often discounted. In addition, you can choose a more convenient departure point. Seniors, children and students benefit from significant discounts for bus tickets. 

Russell Betland, an Australian pest control entrepreneur, notes the economic benefits of taking bus tickets to get around over a long distance. “A plane ticket can cost you an arm and a leg while driving a car is probably the cheapest option but you have to focus the entire time and factor in how tired you become. Taking a bus removes all of those problems

If you do the math, you’ll easily see that bus travel is much more economic than driving your own vehicle, as you don’t have to pay for gas or road tolls.

2. Buses Feature Wi-Fi And Power Outlets

The basic needs of passengers travelling long-distance include free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Many bus operators have spotted this need and turned it into an opportunity by investing in vehicles with such features. In fact, buses are the only vehicles that offer such benefits. You can use your mobile device or your laptop as long as you want, without worrying your battery is going to run flat. You can kiss boredom goodbye, as you’ll be able to watch movies and read your favourite blogs during the bus ride. Once you’ll arrive at your destination, your phone will be fully charged and ready to use. How cool is that?

3. Regular Stops And Breaks

Travelling by place or by train can turn into a hassle, particularly if you are an active person who can’t sit for hours in a row. Indeed, you can stand up and take a trip to the bathroom in trains or planes, but that’s about all the movement you can get. Bus drivers make frequent stops and at least one long break, thus giving you a chance to stretch your legs and even enjoy a cup of tea or a quick snack. 

For Australian naturopath Jacqui Watts, the need to keep the body moving after sitting is critical to supporting the joints and muscles. “When you sit down for hours on end, the body needs to stand up. Sitting down for so long is incredibly unhealthy, so you need to make sure that you utilise the regular stops on a bus trip to stretch and physically move around. Your body will thank you!”

Also, using restrooms on gas stations is more convenient than trying to fit inside those minuscule toilets in planes. You don’t even need to be overweight to have troubles squeezing your body through the aircraft toilet door.

4. Your Luggage Can’t Go Missing On Arrival

Many travellers have experienced at least once the loss of their luggage. If you are like most of us, you are probably familiar with the anxiety and impatience that overwhelm you while you’re waiting for your baggage to show up on the conveyor belt in the airport. Buses are different! You hand your luggage to the driver, he places it in the luggage compartment, and you’re good to go. Your bags will surely be there by the end of your journey. Besides, there are no size and weight limits to observe and no restrictions and rules to comply with. You can take everything you need with you without worrying about additional fees or about spending money on specific sizes of luggage. Just think about the price of water in airports and planes, and you’ll realise that travelling by bus is a great way to save money on your travels.

5. You Save Time And Money At Your Destination

Most airports in the world are rather far from the city centre. There are good reasons for that. However, this means you need to take shuttle buses or taxis that can cost you a small fortune. 

The financial experts at Concept BK, an Australian bookkeeping firm, say that saving money when travelling is absolutely vital. “When on holiday, it’s worryingly easy to overspend and lose control of the finances, especially when it comes to transport. That’s why a bus is a fantastic way to get around. Not only is it economically beneficial, but the areas a bus can take you are wider than a plane which only takes you to one destination.”


On the contrary, bus stations are usually located close to the city centre, thus being more convenient than airports and train stations. When travelling a long distance by bus, you stand a good chance to find a nearby local bus or a metro station only a short distance from your bus stop.

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