Catch Me When I Fall – Advice for Quarantined Couples

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Catch Me When I Fall – Advice for Quarantined Couples

Since the start of the pandemic, many individuals have experienced stress and anxiety. Some have even experienced mental health concerns due to the changes in lifestyle brought about by the prolonged quarantine periods. The pandemic has been taking a toll on people’s mental health, and, hence, has also affected relationships, romantic or otherwise.

As we deal with the ongoing global health crisis, we need a support system now more than ever. When talking about romantic relationships, we need to strengthen these relationships to keep the fire burning despite the surrounding stressors. This support system is important to maintain, and we should not let the pandemic put a strain on our precious connections.

Some couples may find it difficult to keep up with the changing times, and that is understandable. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or otherwise; the quarantine period may have been affecting your bond. So, you have to make it work and put in extra effort to keep your relationship strong. Catch me when I fall – advice for quarantine couples. How can you strengthen your romantic relationship despite everything that is happening?

Quarantine Bonding Activities

If you live with your partner, many things may have changed at home over the course of a year. You may have noticed annoying habits that you have not noticed before. Perhaps you and your partner have developed bad practices as you have been busy adjusting to the implications of the pandemic.

You wouldn’t want the pandemic to be the cause of your relationship’s demise. So what can you do to keep your relationship strong and warm?

Down memory lane

As everyone has been looking for ways to entertain themselves at home, there has been a trend of looking back on old photos and reminiscing on fond memories. Looking back on happy memories is a normal coping mechanism in times of crisis. With regard to your relationship, this is a good pastime that you and your partner can try. Reminisce on happy memories by looking through old photos of happy experiences.

If you are married, maybe you can look at your engagement or wedding photos. It is also good to look back on old photos to check their quality and if anything needs retouching and maintenance. Perhaps you would end up wanting to retouch your engagement photos, especially the close-up shots of your precious rings. Look for a jewelry photo retoucher to help you out.

Enjoy mundane Things together

Despite the many changes in your lifestyle, there are still plenty of “normal” things you can do with your partner to keep your relationship strong and happy.

Try cooking a meal together. Since it is recommended to stay at home most of the time these days, you might already be missing dining out in fancy restaurants. You can look up new recipes online that you can practice at home and try to whip up a “fine dining” dinner complete with candlelight.

Exercise and motivate each other 

After consuming all those calories in one night, you can follow it up with a fun cardio workout the next day. Exercising is a good way to boost your immune system and uplift your mood, which is an essential factor during this crisis. Look up fun and free workout videos online, such as dance videos you can follow, and turn it into a bonding moment!

Be gamers together

Apart from these, no matter what your age is, you can play video games with your partner! Tap into your competitive side and keep it fun on weekends. You can even share your game accomplishments with your friends on social media.

These are some ways you can bond with your partner during this stressful time in your life. Why is it important to maintain a good support system these days?

Pandemic Support System

In facing the uncertain times of the pandemic, each member of the family needs to provide emotional support to one another. This applies even if you and your partner are newly married and only have each other at home. We live in tough times, and you need to know how to be supportive of your loved ones.

You can reassure your partner these days to set aside enough time to connect. Spend time together doing activities like those mentioned above. You can also schedule video calls with friends and family together so that you can stay connected with those who are far away from you.

Recognize unhealthy habits that may have started building up since the start of the quarantine period. You may have been busy and distracted with all the adjustments that needed to happen that you have overlooked the bad habits that you and your partner have developed through time. This may have been causing any friction in your relationship that you are currently experiencing. Try to pinpoint these habits and find solutions together.

It is understandable if you and your partner feel stressed out with everything that has been happening recently, but this should not be the reason for your relationship’s breakdown. Find ways to resolve problems that may have come up during the quarantine period so that you and your partner can be each other’s support system during this time.

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