Celebrate Your Skin – 6 Tips for Skin Glow

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Celebrate Your Skin – 6 Tips for Skin Glow

When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to pile up creams, lotions, and serums. However, healthy skin is not only a result of cosmetic products but also of our lifestyles. Diet, activity, and stress, all can affect the way our skin matures and appears.  

In order to celebrate your skin, you need to treat it the best way possible by taking care of yourself. And these following tips for skin glow will help you get a radiant appearance.

1. Create a proper beauty regime

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Every beauty regime should involve a series of routines that will keep your skin clean and moisturized with proper products. There are three things you should apply as the base of the beauty regime of the whole body skin: cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. The products you use need to be specific for your skin type and not cause any irritation or allergies.  

Additionally, applying appropriate sunscreen can prevent aging and wrinkling of the skin. Nowadays, many creams and foundations have at least SPF15, although during high UV index you should wear at least SPF30. Also, always remove makeup before going to bed since that will protect your skin from dirt and unclog the pores.

2. Adopt a more healthy diet

Too much sugar in your diet can do more than just ruin your waistline. It can make your skin age faster since it boosts the production of cortisol which in turn weakens the amount of collagen in your body. So, avoid white carbohydrates and sugary products, and turn to veggies and fruits.

One of the easiest ways to do so is with smoothies. Mango, avocado, and pineapple are only some of the ingredients that will help your skin glow. Add some flax oil, and you can easily replace one meal with a tasty smoothie full of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

3. Start being physically active

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Physical activity is usually the hardest thing to regularly incorporate in a lifestyle. However, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to see results. Only 20 minutes of high-intensity training is enough to get you sweating and eliminating toxins from your body.  

However, you can do yoga or jog in the park, since exercise will increase blood circulation which brings nutrients to your skin. Moreover, fresh air will additionally oxygenate the skin cells so spend as much time as possible exercising outside. 

4. Don’t forget to drink water

Eight glasses of water a day are necessary to keep your skin radiant and glowing. If you don’t practice this, install an app that will remind you and always carry a water bottle with you. Also, consider drinking mineral water with magnesium and bicarbonates as well, since it will boost your skin glow.

5. Try some of the available cosmetic treatments

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There is a wide range of cosmetic treatments that will help you care for your skin in a professional way with lasting results. Namely,
reliable laser treatments can remove hair without irritation and reduce its growth permanently so no more shaving or waxing. The laser is also used for rejuvenation and tattoo removal, as well as to treat acne and reduce scarring.

On the other hand, dermal fillers will introduce natural substances like hyaluronic acid into your skin and reduce the signs of aging. Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to remove old skin cells after which your skin will simply glow. Every treatment is individual and depends on the state of your skin, as well as how aggressively you want to approach your problem.

6. Sleep for at least 7 hours every night

There is a reason why it’s called beauty sleep. The body and mind need at least 7 hours of sleep every night to regenerate. And if that is not the case, you may notice skin pigmentation like dark circles under your eyes. 

If you have a problem falling asleep, try meditation to relax and remove all electronics from your bedroom. Soothing sounds of waves, rain or nature of the sleep machine are also helpful, and some models are even portable to carry when travelling.  

Humans are creatures of habit, so after a while, you will get used to your new beauty routine and change of lifestyle. The best approach is to start with one of these tips for skin glow and then slowly introduce more into your daily life. That way you will avoid getting overwhelmed and quitting before the results show.


Lena Hemsworth is a lifestyle blogger, foodie, and lover of a good book. She’s also a strong believer in the written word and positive thoughts.

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