Celebrity comebacks – Sofia Vergara hits back

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Celebrity comebacks at their best

If you’re on Twitter, we’re sure you’ve noticed how much people love using the social media tool to insult people, especially celebrities.

Twitter can sometimes be a bit of a drag. Day after day, night after night, you can scroll down your tweet feed for ages and see nothing but self-involved, self-indulgent rubbish about what the people you are following did today.

Jimmy Kimmel’s new “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” video segment gathers those insults and packages them together to illustrate the fact that words can hurt. Although, rather than getting upset, some stars hit these tweeters with some of the most hilarious Celebrity comebacks.

Sofia Vergara recently joined other celebs in reading one of the mean tweets sent out about her. And Vergara’s response was in a word….priceless!



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