Celebrity Controversial Red Carpet Styles

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Celebrity Controversial Red Carpet Styles and the real reasons behind such bold choices!

The red carpet, award ceremony, concert or show  has become the center stage for everything and anything fashion; street, urban, sleek, sexy, glamorous and classy. However, some celebrities are known to raise eyebrows, providing some priceless OMG moments with renowned weird styles.

Here are 6 top controversial looks, past and present, and reasons behind the celebrities’ decision to wear the frocks:


Rihanna CDFA

This week, Rihanna’s provocative gown sent shockwaves around the globe. Rihanna paraded her way down the CFDA red carpet in a fishnet dress with more than 230,000 Swarovski crystals, leaving very little to the imagination. A bold move that we’ll remember for a while just like we remember JLO’s palm-print Versace gown with that low plunging V-neckline, who can ever forget?

This pop princess set out to shock and to show the world her bold and daring attitude. She’s done it successfully elegant with a pink fur stole and a 20’s-style headpiece.

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

There is no way anyone can ignore Nicki Minaj, no matter what she wears. Her curves are enough of an attention grabber and she is also notorious for her many wigs and outlandish costumes as in her latest red carpet OMG moment with her scarlet satin nun-like/ red ridding hood Versace robe and her label’s signature Medusa head crafted at the front of the dress.

Reason for her choice, because she is eccentric Nicki Minaj.



Did you know that before JLo wore her infamous sexy palm V-neckline, Geri Halliwell wore it first?  Yet we all remember it ever been worn by JLO, why?  JLO made wearing this gown notorious because she wore it pretty much held together by a brooch placed on her crotch. Daring, bold and amazing move JLO. She pulled it off and this still is spoken off till today.

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley

Who could forget Liz Hurley’s 1994 black Versace dress… that was literally held together by oversized gold safety pins. That’s another inerasable memory, only her could pull it off.

Here’s what Liz Hurley herself said about the reason behind her choice; according to the 48-year-old, she wore this dress only because there were no other high-fashion frocks fit for the Four Weddings and a Funeral in the press office! And back then; Hugh Grant’s leading lady couldn’t actually afford to buy haute couture.



Dressed by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski, Bjork wore this feather number at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001. Apparently, Bjork’s reason for such a shocking choice had some founding. Bjork, explains that she wore this outfit because she was “obsessed with swans and everything about her album at the time was about winter… and swans are a winter bird.”

This is a hard memory to forget but more on the lines of ‘what was she thinking?’

Toni Braxton

Tony Braxton

In 2001, Toni Braxton wore a barely there Richard Tyler dress for the Gammy awards. She showed to have had some trouble keeping her dress together at the awards night. Thank God, for the double-sided tape holding up her dress.

What was her reason for picking this raunchy little number? In her own words; she ‘decided to bare all before she eventually got married and had kids.’ Most of us gals can sympathise here, we all panic at the thought of losing our good looks and decisions made on this note are usually not the best.

Celebrities like to set fashion trends and the price sometimes of trying to achieve this creates the OMG factor we all enjoy watching.

If you have an example of a controversial red carpet moment, let us know.


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