How to Choose the Right Bed Covers for A Good Night’s Sleep

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How to Choose the Right Bed Covers for A Good Night’s Sleep

A bedroom is incomplete without a perfectly organised bed. A bed not only occupies a great majority of your bedroom. But also, provides the place where you want to relax after a tiring day. With a careful selection of bed covers, a bedroom can be both stylish and remain an epicentre of relaxation. Find out how to choose the right bed covers for a good night’s sleep.

Today, there is a plethora of designer bed linen that can instantly enhance the appeal of your bed. Giving you the opportunity to create your desired bedroom. Match and contrast bedsheet colours and designs to suit your overall bedroom décor. Which elevate and help turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep cave. Here are a few tips to consider.

Rules of Perfect Bedding

white bedding with a green throw and one yellow and green pillow

To make sure your bed remains wrinkle-free and flat, you ought to start making your bed with a fitted sheet. Spread a fitted sheet on the mattress and make sure it perfectly encloses all the visible parts of your mattress. Linen sheets are considered to be the best choice for the inner layer. You can deodorise the sheet with spray to make sure it remains fresh for a longer time.

Add a top sheet, over the fitted sheet, and press it to make sure it falls perfectly on the sheet that is underneath. Use crisp hospital corners, they are great because they are easy to use and make your bed look great instantly.  Watch this video on how to fold hospital corners.  Iron pressed bed linen will be the perfect choice for this type of sheet. You can choose different colours and patterns for this layer of sheet to add a hint of versatility in your bedding style.

Bed with crisp white sheets and white pillows

Finally, you may consider adding a quilt to enhance the appeal of your bed. Make sure the quilt you are going to choose perfectly complements your choice of bed sheets. For perfect aesthetic, you are may want to fold the top portion of the quilt and leave the other side of the quilt hanging from the sides of your bed. The quilt should cover up the bed sheet underneath apart from the upper part of the sheet.

Attractive bed sheet and quilt choices

Checker green and yellow diamond bed cover

Mastering your bed making skills will definitely help create a bedroom that fosters better sleep. Next, let’s look at some tips on how to style your dream bedroom that is inducive to a good night’s sleep and is stylistically beautiful.

There’s no need to match everything when it comes to the rest of the bedroom but pattern play and colour clashes make for heightened visual impact. Using lighting, contrasting walls, pillows and colour schemes will help will help to anchor a bedroom and ultimately creates the overall style and feel of the room.

wooden floor bedroom with a king size bed and french window

Contrast your bed linen with the wall colours. If the bed sheet or quilt pattern does not complement the colour of bedroom walls, you will never be able to create the dramatic effect you are looking for.

In case you wish to experiment with the colour scheme, you may opt for the retro look from 1970. Amalgamate the shocking retro design with that of the subtle colours of the 21st century and your bed will look more luxurious than you have aimed for.

While choosing the design of pillows, cushions and quilt covers, select some timeless colour variations. Choosing white as the base colour will prove to be an ideal choice for people who wish to create a contemporary texture in their bedroom.

People often tend to choose a contrasting design between the bedspread and the curtains, but not always. you can if you wish, match the designs to create a uniform appeal in the bedroom décor. You may ask the designers to create the uniform pattern for the curtains from the same fabric so that the design does not look out of the place.

Make sure the bedding style and design, differ between the guest bedroom and master bedroom. These two bedroom styles should project different aesthetic choice, and best to amalgamate the design with that of the entire room decor.

Being extreme should not be the ideal choice for choosing bed sheets or quilt. Be it the patterns or the colour combination, being subtle and simple is the key to success. Changing your bed sheet patterns according to the seasons will also be a perfect option for enhancing the appearance of your bedroom.

Similarly, you can also try to create the contrast with the bed sheet and quilt. Choosing a dark shade quilt and contrasting it with the white or cream based sheet will be a perfect choice. You may also include accent pillows to your bed along with the other sleeping pillows that match the colour of the quilt. It will create a harmonious effect on your bed.

To make sure your bed looks perfect and graceful, it is best to buy nothing but superior quality linen sheets. Now you can sleep tight knowing that your bedroom looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

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