Choose the right sunglasses for your hairstyle

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 Choose the right sunglasses for your hairstyle

If you are buying your sunglasses based on the shape of your face alone, you’re ignoring one really important factor: your hair. Choose the right sunglasses for your hairstyle

Your hair is often one of the first things people notice about you so when you are looking for the perfect pair of designer sunglasses, it is important that you take this feature into account.

Here are a few tips to help you get it right, each and every time.


Long Hair

Long hairstyles give you lots of options. Whether you have straight hair, beach curls, or something in between, there are lots of styles that will work. A pair of classic aviators will give you a retro hippie look while round frames will help you look rockstar chic. Square, black frames are perfect for a casual look. Long hair looks great when you add a little sparkle so look for embellishments, texture, and unique details around the temples.   


Short Hair

If you have a short but loose ‘mop top,’ try brightly coloured acetate frame for a fresh look. If your hair is short and sleek, try oversized frames with metallic gold or silver rims. Cat eye frames are also a great look for those with shorter hair. Look for a gradient lens for a soft and sophisticated style.



For medium length hair and bob cuts, there are lots to consider. If you have an angular or asymmetrical bob, consider going with large, 70s inspired frames but be careful with aviators as they can drag your features down and change the shape of your face. For a medium cut with bangs, try to leave space between the top of your frames and the bottom of your bangs. An overlap will throw off a balanced look. As with short hair, cat-eye frames are a good choice for all medium lengths.


Shaved Styles

There are many incredible styles out there that involve shaving all, or part, of your head. Shaved looks highlight the features and the shape of the face in a big way but they also leave you the most space to make a statement. This freedom gives you the chance to play with colour and the shape of your frames, be brave — most styles will work for you. Remember to pay close attention to the arms of your glasses as they will be a real focal point.


Curly Hair and Afros

Big hair gives you a special opportunity to try a retro look. Mirrored aviators, for example, provide a bold, hip look. If you want something more subtle, try a gradient lens. Avoid small frames and look for something with detail on the outside of the rims. If you have dark coloured hair, be bold with strong graphic prints or try red, gold, or silver acetate. The contrast will work to your advantage. If you have a fair complexion, try to avoid colours that are similar to your hair colour. You want your glasses to pop, not wash you out.

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