Choosing the Fitness Program that Suits You

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Choosing the Fitness Program that Suits You

Once you decide to start working out, one of the basic things you should do is choose a fitness program that suits you and your needs, one that will inspire you not to give up. But, how do you know which fitness routine is right for you? Here are some things you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect types of exercises for you.

What is your fitness level?

Choosing the Fitness Program that Suits You- What is your fitness level?

Before you choose a workout program, you need to evaluate yourself. For example, you need to know your fitness level. You can do this by measuring your pulse rate before and after certain physical exercise, like walking or running. Measure how long it takes you to walk or run a mile, how many pushups or situps you can do. You can also measure your weight, waist circumference and calculate your BMI. Visit your doctor to see if you have any health issues and ask them what types of exercises you should do or avoid. Finally, you need to be aware of your financial limits. If you can’t afford a gym membership, consider other options. Like waiting for a discount or finding a community swimming pool and taking up swimming. Another thing to consider is your schedule. There’s no point in paying for gym classes if your job allows you to attend one out of three of them.

What are your goals?

Determining your fitness goals is an important issue in choosing a fitness program. Not only will it help you decide on the type of workout you’ll do, but it will keep you motivated and determined. You might already be active, but now want to boost your endurance, so that you can run a marathon. Maybe you want to lose weight, or simply shape your body, so that you can look good at the beach. You might have had an injury and now you need rehab, or you just want to improve your overall health. The reasons to exercise are many. But you need to know yours and you need to know what your exercise regimen leads to. Then get as excited about it as you can and get going.

What do you enjoy doing?

Choosing the Fitness Program that Suits You- What do you enjoy doing?












Knowing what you like and using it to reach your goals is the best thing you can do. Mind you, if you push yourself into doing exercises you don’t like day after day. You are bound to lose motivation, as well as your good mood. Instead, make a list of the activities you enjoy doing. For instance, if you love dancing, take a dance class or at least a dance-oriented fitness program, like Zumba. On the other hand, if you like spending time outdoors, choose jogging or cycling. Being near the water makes you happy, opt for swimming or rowing. Maybe you are the type who likes working out in a group, choose a group exercise class that is fun and in accordance with your fitness level. If you prefer working out on your own, think about investing in quality fitness equipment, so that you can exercise safely at home. For extra safety, you can even hire a personal trainer to guide you through your routine.

How do you create a versatile program?

Most of your workout should revolve around aerobic activities, so you should plan for a minimum of 75 minutes of these activities a week. It’s also important to include warming up and cooling down into your routine so that you prepare the muscles and joints that you’ll be exercising that day. Do your best to change the types and intensity of the exercise. This will allow you to work out different muscle groups and not to lose your progress by continually exercising at the same pace. You can even combine gym time with jogging, hiking or any other outdoor activity so that you don’t get bored.

How do you create a versatile program?

Opting for the wrong fitness program can leave you frustrated, bored and annoyed, all of which might lead to quitting the program altogether. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a fitness program that will help you reach your goals and that you’ll be comfortable with.

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