Cleaning and Maintaining Motocross Boots – Know These 3 Quick Tips

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Cleaning and Maintaining Motocross Boots – Know These 3 Quick Tips

Motocross or dirt biking is a thrilling activity. Setting out on this adventure demands a lot of preparation. Besides practising good dirt biking skills, you need to buy protective gear such as motocross boots, helmets, elbow and knee protection, neck brace, and so on to protect yourself from injuries. As you spend a lot of money buying your motocross gear, it is equally important to care for it. 

Your motocross boots protect your ankles, calves, feet, and shin against crashes, fractures, sprain, and other injuries. Always buy a durable pair of boots to wear in the long run. Here’s how to care for them. Cleaning and maintaining motocross boots know these 3 quick tips.

1. Cleaning the Boots 

Cleaning your motocross boots is extremely important to keep them fresh and good-looking and maintain their performance. First and foremost, knock all the chunks of dirt and other particles off the boots. You can grab a brush and some soapy water. Brush your boots generously to remove all the dirt stuck on their surface. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals in the cleaning process as they may break down the material of your boots, along with their inner lining. If you are using a detergent, avoid using products that include oxygen in their list of ingredients. Dishwashing soap works best for cleaning your boots. Another thing to avoid in the cleaning process is a degreaser. It is a harsh chemical that wears off leather and plastic, thus decreasing the lifespan of your boots. 

You can buy a motocross boots leather cleaner for efficient cleaning. These cleaners come with a pH-balanced formula that cleans the boots thoroughly and protects the leather, rubber, and plastic. It increases the durability of the product. 

2. Drying the Boots 

Once you have washed your motocross boots, the next step is to dry them. Use an air compressor to blow excess water from your motocross boots. If your boots are on a washstand, keep them on there for drying. Use a compressor immediately after washing and direct the air to the pivot points and buckles. The accumulation of water in these areas may corrode them. Thus, you must act immediately. 

Merely cleaning and washing your boots is not enough; you need to follow a few practices to maintain them in the long run. Besides washing and drying your boots after every ride, here are the essential tips to follow for maintaining them. 

3. Maintaining the Boots 

Follow these tips to maintain your boots in the long run.

Check the Screws 

Most buckles of the boots are held on screws, which over time, may become loose. It is essential to check the screws from time to time. Keep them tight. You can also use a thread locker to treat their loosening. 

Inspect the Leather 

Your leather motocross boots need to be treated timely. A leather treatment is enough to increase the lifespan of your boots. You can buy a leather treatment kit from the supermarket and maintain your boots by using it. Proper treatment of the leather also helps them keep waterproof. Do not turn a blind eye to the buckles of the boots and lubricate them from time to time. A lubricant spray will do the job. 


You can get in touch with the brands and manufacturers and get your boots refurbished in case of any wear and tear. It will also save you from spending a lot of money buying new boots. Refurbishing the boots will freshen up and extend their life. Many high-end boots come with replaceable parts, and it is a good idea to consider refurbishing with newer parts to maintain your boots for the longest time.


Taking the above-listed considerations seriously improves the durability, appearance, and quality of your motocross boots and saves you a lot of money. Work on these tips and maintain your motocross boots for your many upcoming dirt biking events.  

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