Cleaning Shortcuts – Time and Labour Savers Ideas

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Cleaning Shortcuts – Time and Labour Savers Ideas

Cleaning is always a chore, even when we’re young and fit. You become accustomed to having to do it and appreciate the benefits of a clean, well-ordered home; if there’s any way of reducing the workload, you’re not going to turn it down. Just because you have more time when you’re retired doesn’t mean you should fill that time with domestic chores. Far better to minimize the time and effort you spend on cleaning; use the hours and energy you save to enjoy yourself and tick some more items off your bucket list! Here are some cleaning shortcuts – time and labour savers ideas.


There are some great options available now to replace the heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuums are much lighter and easier to carry around and quicker to use for a swift tidy up. You could go hi-tech and get a robotic cleaner; you just set it going and let it do all the work for you. If hi-tech is not to your taste or beyond your means, how about a trusty old-fashioned carpet sweeper? Light and easy to handle, quiet and effective for a quick once-over. Find a good quality vacuuming cleaner that can do most of your cleaning jobs.

Washing up

If you are washing your dishes by hand, consider the benefits of the dishwasher. You might think it’s not worth it for you on your own or with just your partner; that it takes just as long to load and unload a dishwasher as it does to wash by hand. These are common misconceptions, as they do save time and effort. Especially, if you have lasagne pans or roasting trays that would need soaking and scrubbing to clean. You can put all sorts of things in the dishwasher; as well as the obvious plates and mugs – vases, pet toys and bowls, tin cans for recycling, storage jars; use the dishwasher to keep a variety of things clean and save yourself the work. You don’t have to buy a full-size washer either, there are plenty of slimline two-person models to choose from.

Cleaning and polishing

Dusting and polishing and cleaning bathrooms aren’t many people’s ideas of fun. To make it easier, try using impregnated cleaning wipes instead of cloths and separate cleaners. They clean very effectively and can be used on a multitude of surfaces. Having the cleaner already in the wipe means you don’t need to stop and spray or wet the cloth. They give a nice clean finish without the need for polishing, and when you’re done, they can be thrown away; rather than having to wash them up. Keep a pack handy in the bathroom and give your sinks and toilets a quick wipe every few days. It will only take a moment, and you won’t have to get the full cleaning kit out for a big clean every week.

There are all sorts of ways to relieve the drudgery of cleaning, and if you have a browse online, you’ll find many more hints and tips and labour-saving ideas or you can hire commercial cleaners Brisbane if you don’t have enough time to clean and maintain your space. Your retirement is a precious time; an opportunity to relax, do as you please, and enjoy yourself after a lifetime of hard work. Make the most of every minute and don’t waste time doing chores!

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