Climate Change – 5 Measures Businesses Must Implement to Combat This Crisis

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Climate Change – 5 Measures Businesses Must Implement to Combat This Crisis

While the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a grave concern that still needs to be addressed is Climate Change!

Its catastrophic effects such as rising temperatures and sea levels are not only vandalising nature but disrupting the worldwide population and economy as well.

Of course, in today’s time, each one of us has to do our bit to combat this crisis, but it’s the business realm that takes the major brunt of this responsibility.

Organisations need to rise to the occasion and lead from the front in their industry. You must be an advocate for climate actions that can benefit our environment and also your reputation. This will also push your customers to join the initiative. To further your efforts, you can partner with a creative marketing agency that will help you create awareness regarding climate change. Climate change – 5 measures business must implement to combat this crisis.

Here are the top 5 measures that every business should implement to make a lasting impact against this crisis.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Determine the Company’s Carbon Emission and Energy Consumption

What gets evaluated, gets improved!

If you have no idea about the daily energy consumption of your company, it will be difficult to gauge the greenhouse gas emissions you’re responsible for and to contribute towards climate change.

The best approach is to determine the consumption both internally and externally. On one hand, you can have a committed executive or department for internal calculation. On the other, you can engage with a reliable third-party auditor to accurately calculate and report the extent of energy consumption.

This will also help you formulate green strategies and maximise your efforts in reducing your energy consumption.

2. Make Use of Machinery and Applications That Are Energy-Efficient

Wherever it’s possible, pick energy-efficient machinery and appliances to conduct your business’s everyday operations.

This could be as easy as replacing lights in the common area with LED bulbs and purchasing energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners.

You can also change your business doors to automatic doors as they close themselves without allowing cold/warm air to leave the premises. This further helps reduce energy usage. To know more about these doors and other door repair services.

On that note, seek help from a professional door repair company in case you need any assistance.

If you are a part of the manufacturing sector, then you can optimise components like thermostats, HVAC systems, and air compressors to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

3. Embrace Smart Technology and Data

It might take a while for you to prepare a comprehensive plan to fight against climate change. An instant remedy for this is to measure the data derived from energy audits that you have already conducted as you identify uneconomical periods of energy consumption.

Installation and connection of smart technology like plugs and LED with control points and the central database will help manage power consumption better. Additionally, it will offer automatic programming of switching electrical appliances on and off.

The same solution can be used for your company’s transportation and supply chain functions. Install devices that can effortlessly examine fuel consumption.

This will help you save more money while reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Widen the Energy Requirement with Renewable Energy Sources

Based on your business niche, you can opt for various approaches to adapt to renewable energy sources.

The energy received from power grids or electricity retailers tends to produce massive components from fossil fuel. This means more carbon emissions. So it’s best to leverage solar panels – a common and efficient source of renewable energy.

Not only are they easy to install, but they also help you decrease the company’s carbon footprint along with its electricity bills.

By making use of renewable energy sources under business RHI, also known as non-domestic RHI, you can certainly do your bit in this fight against climate change. Click here to know more about commercial RHI.

5. Develop a Corporate Ordinance for the Entire Company

Though you are the one investing in economical initiatives, it is your employees’ responsibility to execute them.

Conduct meetings on a quarterly or monthly basis to talk about the contribution of your company’s energy levels to the environment. This could be as easy as encouraging various departments to keep tabs and decrease energy consumption. You can couple this with fiscal benefits or take the employees for different conventions so that they are more aware of their energy responsibilities.

Make Your Company a Part of the Climate Change Action Plan

Becoming environmentally-friendly and taking green initiatives does not necessarily have to be difficult. One of the best ways to fight against this crisis is to go on autopilot mode and start using carbon-neutral supplies.

With that thought, are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint while playing your part for the welfare of our environment?

Implement these measures and benefit from being green today!

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