Coolest Pillow Money Can Buy

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Coolest Pillow Money Can Buy

Back in 1966 NASA created temper foam to absorb shock for their airplane seats. This technology has since been used  in many different ways, especially in the making of comfortable pillows. Nearly 50 years on and  the folks at HIBR have finally improved on their foam pillow.

Why invest and improve on a pillow that improves sleep? We spend a third of our life sleeping. That’s about twenty five years of your head resting on a pillow. Good reason for anyone to find the best pillow in the market. HIBR decided to invest into improving on their foam pillow.

If you  however, ever invested on a traditional foam pillow you know that it tended to warm up. Not these new improved pillows which come in three distinct shapes shapes to suite all sleeping styles. They’re infused with special capsules that melt to absorb much of the heat, so when you’re getting in that bed of yours, you can relax and lay your head on a cool pillow.

Another improvement on the pillow is that it is firmer and spring to shape quicker than its former self. HIBR have come up with a pillow that allows people to sleep better.

At first glance, these new pillows might seem expensive but if they consistently give you a great night’s sleep and stop the endless search for the cool side of the pillow, it’s a small price to pay.

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