Coronavirus Moving – 7 Tips on Moving Your House Safely During a Pandemic

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Coronavirus Moving – 7 Tips on Moving Your House Safely During a Pandemic

When it comes to moving house in Adelaide, how well do you organize? Moving isn’t an easy task and when there is a global crisis such as coronavirus. It’s bound to create more challenges.

You’re probably feeling anxious and thinking about what extra precautions you should take. How do you protect your valuable items from getting contaminated while moving? Is it even possible to move into a new home right now?

The answer is Yes! With some precautions, it is possible to move during such a pandemic. You need to get well-organized and hire the right relocation services in Adelaide that will add extra caution to make the move as safe as possible.

By drawing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have put together some proactive steps that’ll help you reduce the risks while moving during the coronavirus pandemic.

Set Up Online Appointments

Instead of meeting in person, try to arrange online appointments with moving companies. A moving process requires lots of documentation and paperwork that will need your signatures.

So make sure when you’re arranging online meetings with your movers, retailers, banks, and customer service. Request to sign paperwork electronically.

Sanitize All Items

Sanitization is an essential part of preparing for moving during a pandemic. Because lots of people will touch your furniture and house during relocation, it becomes necessary to sanitize your belongings before and after you move.

Wipe down each item with a disinfectant wipe before packing them into boxes and secure the boxes. In order to stay organized, place a label on the box that reads “Sanitized.”

To be extra cautious, pile all the boxes in one room and sanitize them one by one with another disinfectant wipe again before bringing each box into your new house.

Here Are Some Additional Safety Tips:

  • Sanitize bigger items that cannot be boxed, such as furniture, lamps, chairs, and tables. Then wrap them individually with plastic.
  • Provide your moving crew with extra sanitizing materials and other supplies for the move-in day.
  • It is better to move special items such as fine art paintings, ancient collections, etc. with you.
  • Avoid using recycled boxes from other sources and always prefer fresh packing supplies, as according to the World Economic Forum, the coronavirus can live up to 24 hours on surfaces like cardboard.

Communicate with your movers

Establish clear communication with your removal service in Adelaide.  Also, it never hurts to double-check the different aspects of your moving process, especially if there is extensive travelling involved.

A week before your moving date, make sure you ask them the following questions:

  • Have any of their workers travelled recently?
  • Have they been in touch with anyone who was sick?
  • What health precautions and safety measures are they following to promote safety during the move?
  • Has any of their team members experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past few weeks?

Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic is important to keep yourself safe from another person’s breathing zone. You should be standing at least 2 metres or 6 feet apart when you and the movers talk to each other.

When someone sneezes or coughs, the tiny droplets of virus spread in the surrounding can be inhaled by the others if they are not maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet.

Frequently Wash Your Hands During the Process

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and ask your movers to do the same. If there isn’t any soap lying around, make sure you have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Keep it at a place that is easy to access, like the front of the garage or the front porch.

Also refrain yourself from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while moving items.

Wear Mask and Gloves at All Times

Moving is a process where different people will be touching several items and it is impossible to minimize the physical movement between the movers. In such a situation, you should wear a face mask and gloves all times during the move. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Postpone the Move if You’re Feeling Sick

If you are feeling sick or experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus such as fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, it’s a good idea to delay and reschedule the move to another date until you get the all-clear from a health professional.

But before you reschedule, ask your movers about their policies for cancellation, schedule changes, and refunds during the pandemic.

Find out:

  • What is the process to change your moving dates?
  • How will you get a full refund after cancelling?
  • What type of deposit is required?

Make sure you follow all the safety measures and hygiene protocols mentioned above on your moving day during these challenging times.

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