Corporate Chic – 4 Fashion Items That Will Put You A Cut Above The Rest In The Office

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Corporate Chic – 4 Fashion Items That Will Put You A Cut Above The Rest In The Office

Looking for an easy way to way to shine at the office? You can demonstrate your eye for style by incorporating simple details into your look, each day. The most important tip for accessorizing? If you’re wearing cool colours – blue, grey, white, – accessorize with silver.

If you’re wearing warm colours – orange, red, green – accessorize with gold. Choose one focal element in your outfit each day, maybe a shirt, a pair of pants, or a unique accessory. Here are four work fashion items that can accentuate your outfit. Corporate chic – 4 fashion items that will put you a cut above the rest in the office.

1. Accessories

Accessories breathe life into your outfit. They make it easy to step out of the door in style, even on a bad day. Throw together something as plain as black pants and a black shirt and bring it to life with colourful earrings, bracelets, and matching belt. For men, accessories can personalize a suit. Try unique cufflinks, because the devil truly lies in the details. Accessories help you to round off an outfit and tie your look together with a signature style. Most men avoid shiny accessories. When a man includes a touch of silver or gold, it can elevate his entire look, instantly.

2. Belts

We’ve come a long way in the fashion world. Belts are no longer essential items that hold up our clothes. For women, they can accentuate the waist. For men, they can add that touch of class to an otherwise ordinary suit and tie. Belts can also differentiate the pants or skirt from the shirt with neatness that is unrivalled. Blend a bright shirt with plain pants using a thick belt. Black belts are some of the most versatile because black complements any other colours and patterns in your outfit. Or, choose to highlight and emphasize certain characteristics in a pattern by choosing a belt with a matching colour.

3. Shoes

Back in the day, the rule was simple. Your shoes should match the hem of your pants or skirt/dress. Now, shoes have become a feature on their own. Keep your outfit simple if you’re wearing eye-catching shoes. Or, go with the old rule and match your shoes with your pants or your hemline. Shoes should aim to complete your outfit, keep them neat, clean and shiny. It’s not always about the actual accessories as much as it is about the state they are in. You can create the appearance of affluence and style simply by keeping your accessories and shoes buffed and shiny.

4. Unique Sense Of Style

Do you have the look? It’s okay if you don’t, few people do. Avoid copying others, however influential their look may be. Decide who you are and what you are about, and let this shine through into your dress sense. Do you love cats? Work that into your accessories. Do you prefer a sophisticated look? Opt for accessories that are minimal but introduce some sort of gleam into your outfit while you keep it very plain and simple. Your look needs to be practical for your lifestyle. If you feel like you just can’t quite nail it, get an image consultant to give you a once-over. They’re skilled at identifying your attributes and accentuating those. It needn’t be costly, you just need a one-off coaching session and then you can handle it like a pro from there.

There’s no secret success for looking stylish, it simply requires you to follow a set of rules of hat works, and what doesn’t. An image consultant can help you to discover what works for you. Work on the details, the rest will follow.

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