Couples Kissing Around The World

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Couples Kissing Around The World

You will be unable to stop watching this warm and touching video by Cut Video of couples kissing around the world.

Cut Video sent producer Blaine around the world to capture 12 real couples kissing in 12 different parts of the world.

Some couples are a little bit shyer than others but the whole effect culminates into an avalanche of romance and love. This video displays a fascinating look at attitudes toward kissing around the world. The Italian couple boldly and passionately kiss in front of the camera. The Thai couple however, are more reserved and shy taking them a few attempts before they too kiss , very cute.
Kissing is viewed differently around the world and even cultures that participate in kissing sometimes frown on doing it in public. Romantic kissing is common in North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East, but research has shown that the rest of the world doesn’t perceive it that way. There are many fascinating kissing facts that you should know. Read on it in our earlier publication entitled ‘9 Fascinating Kissing Facts That you Should Know‘.

This video is proof that love is an emotion that can be found all around the world and kissing is one way of displaying it.

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