COVID-19 Tips to Help Kids Wear Face Masks Correctly

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COVID-19 Tips to Help Kids Wear Face Masks Correctly

The world as we knew it before the year 2020, has changed drastically. The outbreak of COVID-19 has worsened the situation of everyday healthy living, therefore various changes need to be implemented. Wearing a face mask should be one of the top priorities for everyone these days.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), wearing a face mask is important for adults and children.  It is mandatory to cover your face with a good quality mask in public as the virus is known to transfer from one person to another. Adults have adjusted well to this new change, but many parents are facing the difficulty of getting children used to wearing masks.

Wearing a mask looks like an easy task, but if your children are not used to it, this could be challenging. Children resist cooperating and fight against new changes. Many kids had negative reactions toward a face mask. However, it is mandatory to wear a face mask everywhere.

Suppose if you want to add a healthy vegetable to your child’s diet, you start by telling them it’s benefits. The same example goes for face masks; it is difficult but it is for the betterment of their health. We will make it simpler for you by providing you with some useful tips to convince children to wear a mask. Covid-19 tips for children to wear a face mask.


One thing parents can be proud of in today’s era is that children are smart. If parents can explain the benefits of wearing a mask, children may ask certain questions; such as why is it necessary? What if I don’t wear it? Parents should advise them that wearing a mask is a precautionary tip to save and care for themselves and others around them. We should be sneezing into our elbows so the germs wouldn’t spread around. Wearing a mask shows an act of kindness and tells others that you care. This would motivate your children to wear a face mask as they would feel responsible for others’ health by saving themselves first.


To be honest, adults are exhausted because their routine is changed due to COVID-19. The same goes for the children; they no longer go to school and cannot play with their friends. No weekends at the fun land and no more ice-creams. Acknowledge their feelings and hear them as to how they feel. When parents listen to children’s frustration, this would open a better chance of communication. It would also make it easier for parents to explain how COVID-19 can end by wearing a face mask.


Wearing a mask is like doing a house chore for children. With practice, even complex situations can turn better. Do not force your child to wear a mask, instead of practice with them and tell them the correct ways of wearing it. Do not impose it on them, instead make it a playful thing, and show them how they can wear it perfectly.


When you are thinking to Buy face mask for kids, let them choose it. Shopping for their own face mask will increase the excitement to try it on. There are many face masks with colourful patterns and styles for children. We have experienced children crying on the floors to purchase something funny in the grocery stores. Only because they find it attractive. The same goes for the mask; if they are cartoon print or lucrative patterns, it will boost their excitement to try it on and start wearing it with a positive attitude.

The conclusion – Don’t Give Up !!

Parents are the role model in setting every good example in their families. Children are always excited to turn like their parents one day. Even the little accomplishments cheer them up. This could be used the same way to wear a face mask together. If parents are responsibly wearing a face mask,  children could see, observe, and then start wearing it too. One crucial thing about face masks is quality. Ensure the quality is high, and the breathing is easier. Many children experience difficulty breathing while wearing a mask, which could scare them off.  Keep note of all concerning points and once your children are comfortable wearing a face mask, they will accept the change with ease.

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