Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Vintage Finds

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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Vintage Finds

When you think about incorporating your personal touch into your home decor, there’s no better way to do so than to decorate the place with vintage finds. Mixing rustic elements and your family heirlooms with the rest of the furniture and accent pieces creates a rustic yet charming home. With a few pieces bought at a flea market, old buckets, crates or ladders from your mom’s home, you’ll easily turn your home into a cute little vintage-looking sanctuary.

Living room decor

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Vintage Finds- Bedroom vintage decor

A large vintage crate will fit wonderfully into a living room decor. Place it right in front of the couch or sofa, to make a practical coffee table. Not only is it going to be spacious enough for all the accent pieces you might want to add, but it will give the room that rustic charm as well. Repaint an old sifter, put flowers inside and use it as a cute vintage vase on top of an old crate. With old books, you can add some symmetry to your mantel. Stack two or three antique books to add texture and dimension to an otherwise plain ledge. Colours also play a huge role in home decor, and if you truly want to get that rustic feel, think about going for the neutral tones. Various shades of cream, pastel hues as well as light grey, white and brown are some of the fabulous choices.

A shabby chic bathroom

You can also completely transform your bathroom by using only a few of the cute vintage finds. Use an old porch railing to hang towels. With an old distressed-finish table you can create a charming vanity table by simply adding a sink on top. What’s more, think about reusing an old metal washbasin and leave the chipped paint as it is for that farmhouse effect. Hang artwork from the 1920s with ads for toiletries and bath products of that time, and you’ll really feel as if you’ve gone back to the 1920s when you walk into the room.

A vintage bedroom look

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Vintage Finds- Old alarm clock

Use your grandma’s old armoire to store your clothes and give your bedroom a rustic feel. Think outside the box and use a vintage fireplace surround to fashion a unique vintage headboard for your bed. Put another big trunk in the bedroom, and place it in front of the bed. It’s both practical for storing sheets or items you don’t like to be on display, and aesthetically pleasing. Hang an antique chandelier in the room, both for the illumination and that chic vintage look. However, don’t mess around with electricity on your own, but make sure you hire a qualified electrician for all the tricky work. Furthermore, place old stacked suitcases below the nightstand for that vintage feel.

Kitchen decor ideas

pink flowers on a window

Open shelving is just what you want in your vintage kitchen. Use distressed wood for the shelves and place all the vintage china on them, as well as the rest of the antique kitchenware for the perfect antiquated ambience. Porcelain bowls, metal containers, glass jars and old enamelware is all you need for that farmhouse look that your kitchen needs. Add a jute rug and floral wallpapers and your kitchen will look amazing.

If you’ve always wanted to personalize your home, add character and farmhouse charm to it, decorate it with vintage finds. Whether you shop for antiques at the flea market, or you own a few family heirlooms, you can find a bunch of vintage items on every corner. Therefore, use that old stack of books, wrap them in some yarn and place them on the mantel, or fit an old crate into the living room for the ultimate vintage feel.

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