Cruises are cheaper than backpacking for Aussie millennials

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Cruises are cheaper than backpacking for Aussie millennials

Cruises from Australia could surpass backpacking among Aussie millennials. Travel Insurance Direct (TID)  reveals a cruise trip can be up to 37% cheaper than backpacking trips. Cruises are cheaper than backpacking for Aussie millennials a study concludes.

In a recent study, TID found that young travellers could save $685 on an 8- night round-trip to Fiji, by opting for a cruise rather than a backpacking holiday. As much as $439 for a 14-night trip to South East Asia, starting in Singapore and including Bali.

When comparing both means of travelling, cruisers could save up to 38 hours when travelling. Otherwise, time spent in airports, planes or buses. Cruisers free up more time for activities and sunbathing.

A 2018 Cruise Travel Report by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) found that around one-in-four millennials have sailed on a cruise in the last three years. The percentage of millennials who ‘definitely will’ book a cruise for their next trip increased.  From 63% in 2017 to 70% in 2018. What’s more, a CLIA market report revealed that younger audiences are now favouring trips with shorter one or two-week itineraries. Which is the usual length of a cruise holiday.

Speaking to TID, Joel Katz, Australasia Managing Director of CLIA, said:

“Young people are discovering the modern cruise experience has changed considerably from that of the past and many cruise lines now appeal to a much greater age range.”

He continues to say;

“A lot of cruise lines have put a greater focus on things like contemporary design, modern food and craft beverages, more advanced onboard experiences and more engaging excursions on shore, which have been very successful in attracting younger passengers.”

Despite TID’s large millennial customer base, its cruise travel insurance mainly attracts an over 45+ audience. Having observed recent travel trends, TID wanted to explore why cruising is a seemingly overlooked travelling method by millennials. In the hope that the results will challenge preconceptions around cruises for young adults. This sentiment has also been echoed across various media outlets, with the popularity of cruises in the 18-24 age group gaining traction.


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