Cyber Awareness for Information Security in The Digital Era

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Cyber Awareness for Information Security in The Digital Era

Cybersecurity and information security are two different things that work as one. Though the two terms have been used interchangeably, it is essential to make clear the line between them. Both of them have something to do with the provision of maximum security to computer systems from unauthorized parties and other threats. However, they are a bit different. Cybersecurity has something to do with protecting the information in the cyberspace, while information security is more of safeguarding data in general. Cyber awareness for information security in the digital era explained below.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice that is embraced with the aim of protecting data and information online. When this is done, the data and information will not be accessed and interfered with by the external sources. It does this by ensuring that only authorized individuals get access to information on the internet.

In an office setting, someone might go with a flash drive and install it in another person’s computer. They can then copy confidential information. This kind of action should be controlled by information security, not cybersecurity. However, if someone finds their way into the network of a company and breaches their information, then the company needs improved cybersecurity.

List of Cyber Security Threats

Below are some of the common threats that can be avoided by beefing up your cybersecurity systems.

  • Hacking– This is the action taken by someone to gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
  • Malware– This is one of the many ways to damage or infiltrate your computer. The software can damage your systems or allow criminals to access your data.
  • Pharming– This is one of the most common types of online fraud. In this practice, the criminals create bogus websites that seem legitimate, and you might end up giving up your security information.
  • Phishing– This is done by cybercriminal since it can give them the information they are looking for without putting in too much effort. It involves the sending of emails that seem to be from legitimate companies. The cybercriminals use these emails to get your personal data, including your passwords and credit card numbers.

There are many types of cybersecurity threats that you need to look into when trying to protect data and information from unauthorized people on the internet.

What is Information Security?

This is all about ensuring enough protection of information and information system from unauthorized access, modification, use, and removal. It is more or less similar to data security which is about the provision of protection of data from being stolen and hacked. You should note that all information is some kind of data, but not all data is information.

Data is not digital information unless it has gone through some processing. Until then, it does not need any security from being accessed by outside sources. Note that these external sources might not be available in the cyberspace. Therefore, you have to know the nature of security to embrace at each level, whether you are a company or someone trying to protect personal information.

Cybersecurity intelligence is a must-have once you start to process data into information. Cybersecurity has been an issue for a long time. Companies and individuals lose important information every day, and this is because hackers and fraudsters keep getting smarter. Make sure that each time, you make use of the best security systems and the latest security technology.

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