Day to evening fashion tips

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File these four fashion and beauty tips for a quick makeover before your important night out.

When you need an instant makeover here are a few evening fashion tips to take your look from corporate to chic.

 A standout top

It can be a sparkling top or a well-fitted blazer. You’ll be surprised how much attention you’ll get with a little sparkle or a nicely fitted blazer that shows off your shape.

Statement Jewellery

 The right jewellery is a great attention grabber. Large studs, or dangling earrings are perfect makeover pieces to have handy. They quickly dress up any look – even jeans.  A chunky ring or a long necklace or armful of bangles is also a good option. Be careful choose only one to avoid overkill.

 Flirty Shoes

 Trade your work brown or chunky black shoes for a pair of sexy, fun. Animal print sling-back, ballet flats or satin pumps can be easily stashed away in a desk drawer for a quick change. You don’t need really high heels to impress.

Cute purse

 Get a cute little purse or evening clutch that you can hide even in your work desk drawer. Something black, metallic or with some studs and make sure it can at leas hold some travel size hair spray and some bobby pins and some night perfume.


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