Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For!

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Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For!

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about buying evening dresses. Prom, red carpet events, cocktail parties: they get a lot of attention. Daytime and casual dresses, by comparison, get a bum deal, which is a shame because there are dozens of amazing dresses that should see the light of day. Today, we’re going to shed some light on these styles.

Read on! Here are some of the hottest, most envy-inducing daytime and casual dresses that you’ve gotta have!

1. The Kelly Kapowski

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

She was a fashion icon in the 90s, and it’s easy to see why. She was the girl next door meets sexy vixen, and we loved her look — especially her dresses. Thankfully, her style is back in vogue in the form of short, figure-hugging floral dresses.

2. The Wrap Dress

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

Ubiquitously figure flattering and sexy, the wrap dress can do no wrong. Length of skirt and sleeves are up to you, but one thing’s for certain: you will look amazing in this dress!

3. Polka Dot Pretty

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

Every girl needs a polka dot dress. The colours and contrasts can be as wild or subtle as you’d like. A classic black and white can easily make the transition from day to night. Day: wear a cardigan and a pair of ballet flats. Night: Slip on a sleep leather bomber and a sexy pair of high heels. Who doesn’t love a dress that can do double duty?

4. Bo Ho Chic Chill

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

When you’re feeling whimsical, you need a dress that suits your mood. (This looser fitting dress is also great for those days you’re a little bloated!) The BoHo chic dress is all about soft, flowing lines and graceful details. Embrace your inner

5. The Maxi Dress

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

The maxi dress has been all the rage for a few years now, and trust me on this: it’s not going anywhere. If you don’t have this daytime dressing staple, it’s time to get one. We recommend a dress with some structure, so it doesn’t just hang off you like a (really unflattering) tent.

6. The T-Shirt Dress

Daytime & Casual Dresses to Die For

The tee dress is the epitome of casual dress style. Wear it with a jean jacket and a pair of cool kicks and you can show off your gams, and still sprint to catch the bus. And, thanks to the advent of the athleisure trend, you can also sport this sporty option with some sexy ankle boots and yoga leggings for an absolutely stunning outfit.

Aside from all being casual, daywear options, all these dresses share the commonality of being insanely in trend right now. So, if you’re looking for some inspo daywear ideas that are Instagram worthy, grab one (or all!) of these dresses.

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