‘Deadpool 2’ First Teaser Trailer is Distinctly Peculiar

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‘Deadpool 2’ First Teaser Trailer is Distinctly Peculiar

The world’s most anticipated movie, Deadpool, has released its first teaser trailer. The latest instalment of the comic-book movie’s peculiar promotional campaign is not your everyday trailer. ‘Deadpool2’ first trailer is distinctly peculiar with a strange surreal imitation of Bob Ross, the late artist from PBS’ instructional show “The Joy of Painting”

‘Deadpool 2’ first teaser trailer offers first footage of the upcoming Deadpool and gives homage to the cult TV painter Bob Ross simultaneously.

Entitled Wet on Wet, Ryan Reynolds’ smutty superhero dresses as Bob Ross. He wears an impressive perm and mimics Bob Ross’s syrupy tones. Several minutes into the trailer of bawdy remarks and exaggerated brushstrokes are we then shown some footage from the upcoming sequel.

We get a small glimpse of some quick explosions, bloodied chainsaws, and Deadpool making an unwelcome appearance at a funeral. Looks like we got to wait for some more clever and witty promotional clips ahead.


Before the trailer returns to the painting instructional with Reynolds concluding, “Hugs not drugs”, some characters appear briefly from the actual movie.  You see Josh Brolin’s Cable, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand, and Blind Al played by Leslie Uggams.

Deadpool’s unorthodox promotional campaign style is always delightful and unexpected. An example is when Reynolds shared earlier this year, a new promotional short film – No Good Deed. That saw Deadpool fail to prevent a back-alley murder after spending too long changing into his costume.

We sure can’t wait to see this hyperactive, hyperaware with raunchy insanity back in the movies. Get ready for some X-rated, hyperactive superhero action with ‘Deadpool2’.

“Deadpool 2” hits theatres on June 1, 2018.

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