Demo Car Essential Buying Checklist!

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Demo Car Essential Buying Checklist!

Many car dealers offer demo cars to their prospective customers at hefty discounted prices; compared to the brand-new cars. Well, to own a car new-like, and save a significant amount of money, customers are often tempted to grab the demo car offer. However, there are some aspects you should not overlook before making your crucial investment. Her is a demo car essential buying checklist!

Do Some Research for the Prices

To begin with, you can enquire for the demo car model prices for the vehicle make (brand) and year of manufacture; with several local dealers near you and compare the prices. Alternatively, you can also enquire with online portals such as redbook that specialises in vehicle valuation. Once you get prices from different sources, you will get an idea about the demo car’s value that you’re planning to buy, and how far you can negotiate for it.

Apply Your Negotiating Skills

If you are prepared to buy a demo car, ensure you negotiate for the asking price of the demo car. Generally, dealers would choose to sell their vehicle as a demo instead of selling it as a used vehicle. So use this to your advantage, particularly towards the end of a calendar year.

Reputation Matters

Well, most new and demo cars for sale in Sydney come with a manufacturer warranty of three to five years. However, an established car dealer will make the process of mechanical repairs much simpler compared to an auto dealer who is only interested in sales and does not back it with after-sale services. So, it would better to deal with only a reputed and established car dealer.

Demo Car’s History

Check out the history of the demo cars – for this, you, need to talk with the car dealer. The car dealer would have the official paperwork and documentation concerning the activity of the demo car that includes its service and maintenance history. For example, if the demo car had any issues while it was in use – did it receive timely repairs and fixes. If the demo car drove continually and it developed some technical problems – did it get the right repairs etc.

Careful Investigation

Avoid making a hasty decision. Investigate the differences in features of a demo and a new car carefully. For instance, if there is no significant difference between the price of a demo model and a new car, then it is wise to buy a new car.

Conversely, if you can find a considerable difference in the price of a demo car in comparison to a new car, and the demo car is in pristine condition, drives smoothly and comfortably. In this situation, buying a demo car is an excellent decision, as it will save you significantly, and the demo car will serve you for years to come.

Inspect the Demo Car

Have you gone through all the essential pointers listed out above and have selected the ideal demo car that is in pristine condition and offers considerable savings over a new car (same make and model). Well, if you have come this long, then make sure you also check for the below-listed signs:

  • Inspect all electrical parts.
  • The engine should start without any trouble (smoothly) without releasing worrisome noises or smokes.
  • Check the quality of the tyres and ascertain if it is in decent condition or not.
  • Ensure if the audio system works as intended.
  • Check for the battery life.
  • Closely look at demo car’s exteriors. Ensure there are no scratches and that the paint is in the same shade all over the car’s shell.
  • Find out if the demo car has got into any major accidents or not.

Wish you with the best luck to shop for quality demo car for sale in Sydney!

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