Developing the Critical Thinker in You

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Developing the Critical Thinker in You

Are you a critical thinker? Your answer will depend on how you define this phrase. For most, it is about being adept at reasoning and philosophy. While this is not altogether wrong, critical thinking goes beyond that. This skill is the ability to look deeper into situations. It is also the ability to form unbiased judgments about them. How do you enhance your critical thinking skills?

Look for Inspiration in Fiction

One of the easiest ways is to practice with a variety of fiction. For example, you can go to a Penny Dell puzzle store. Some of their puzzle books have entertaining storylines. You can find yourself immersed in a puzzle book, looking for the most appropriate answer. Then, your mind will open up to possibilities. You can start forming smart questions.

Another way is reading or watching mystery stories. You can go along with the plot and clues. You can test later on if your assumptions are a close call to the solution of the stories.

Consider All Elements

Going beyond fiction, you can develop critical thinking skills in everyday life. This comes handy in making decisions and filtering information. One way to analyze things is to consider all its elements. Do not look at the big picture. Instead, dissect the small details.

A good example is in verifying if something is real or fake news. With the prolific use of social media, any information can be shared in a few clicks. But a responsible social media user will analyze if what they are about to share is correct.

Be Mindful of Future Implications

One measure of critical thinking is the ability to look beyond the present. Developing foresight will help in making sound decisions. While there is a gut feeling, it should not be absolute. Before committing to a new venture, study how it will affect you in the future. A good way is to list all its advantages and disadvantages. Seeing the two sides in black and white will help you weigh things. Be mindful of how things will affect you in the foreseeable future, whether it is a career move, a new business opportunity, or even owning a new pet.

Probe Deeper

Critical thinking thrives in asking the right questions. For you to come up with the truth or the most beneficial solution, you must be good at asking questions. You can start this with introspection. For example, are you clinging to a certain belief out of emotion and familiarity? Or have you proven it to be effective and beneficial for you in more than one instance? Developing a critical side is leaning more on reason than emotion. Thus, self-regulation is another good measure of critical thinking.

Cultivate Healthy Discussions

Talking to more people helps with gaining a broader perspective. To be able to see things better, you must accept that nothing is absolute. Also, it is accepting that you do not always have the best case in point. What you know may be right, but it will not always be the supreme.

Some people fall prey to endless debates, trying to prove who the better judge is over some issue. Critical thinking is not a pass in saying that you are an intelligent person. On the contrary, it is advertising that you have so much room for more knowledge.

In a world full of information, critical thinking is an essential skill. Developing it will translate toa better quality of life. Today, you can start interpreting the world around you in a more logical way.

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