Diagnosing a Blocked Drain – Tell-Tale Signs

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Diagnosing a Blocked Drain – Tell-Tale Signs

Uh-oh. You have a sinking feeling as you stare at your sink drain. It doesn’t seem to be working right — and you’ve heard horror stories about drains that don’t work right. 

Before you get too worked up, remind yourself that it might not even be a big deal. Maybe there’s not even anything wrong with the drain! Diagnosing a blocked drain – tell-tale signs.

Check out these top 4 signs of a blocked drain to help you diagnose the real problem. Diagnosing a blocked drain; tell-tale signs.

1. Drip, Drip, Drain

Does the water seem to be flowing like molasses down the drain? A clear drain will allow water to rush away quickly, even when pouring a pot of water into the sink or unplugging a sink full of water. 

However, even a partial blockage can slow the flow of water considerably. 

If your drain is doing this, consider dumping a pot of boiling water down the pipe. It could be a bit of grease and debris is blocking the pipe. All you need to do is heat the grease to break up the clot and wash away the blockage.

2. Stinky Odour

What causes blockages in drainpipes anyway? In many cases, it is bits of organic matter and debris that accidentally get dumped into the pipe.

Do you know what happens to organic matter as it sits around? That’s right, it starts to rot and fester and the smell it gives off is less than pleasant. 

If you notice an odd smell that you can’t pin down in your kitchen or bathroom, consider that it might be coming from a blocked drain.

3. Gargling Noises

Another common sign of a blocked drain is that you hear strange noises while it’s draining. A slow drain won’t allow the water to flow freely and backed up water can lead to trapped air. The air bubbles erupting out of the water is what makes the gargling or gurgling noises. 

It can be hard to notice these noises over the sound of water pouring from the faucet. However, pay attention right after you turn the water off. Do you hear gurgling deep down in the drain? Try pumping the drain with a toilet plunger to see if you can get it flowing smoothly again.

4. The Overflow

A blocked drain is bad enough, but when the toilet overflows…that’s a whole other story! Dirty toilet water is full of bacteria and other nastiness that you don’t want to expose your family to. It must be cleaned up thoroughly and properly to prevent health issues. 

If you’re running into this problem, call a plumber to unblock your drains. Even if there is a deep issue in your pipes, a professional will be able to clear it out and clean up your drains!

Free-Flowing Drains

Even if you notice one or more of these signs of a blocked drain, don’t despair! There is always a way to get your drains clear again whether it be with a DIY method or by calling a plumber. 

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