What are the differences between green and red bell peppers?

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What are the differences between green and red bell peppers?

Do you know what the differences are between green and red bell peppers? To start with all the colours, green, yellow, orange and red, all come from the same plant. The red pepper, however, is the mature version of all the colours.

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Green bell peppers are immature versions of red, orange, or yellow peppers. Since they are less ripe, they have a slightly bitter flavour and can sometimes cause digestive disruption.

Why are green peppers cheaper than the other colours?

Given that green peppers are less mature peppers, they’re harvested sooner, require less growing time and less work. Yellow, orange and red peppers use more resources since they’re harvested later, making them more expensive.

All bell peppers are a great source of vitamin A and C, but according to thescienceexplorer.com red peppers contain 9 times more cancer-fighting beta carotene than green peppers. Conversely, yellow peppers have more vitamin C than green ones, but less vitamin A and beta carotene.

In addition, red bell peppers are sweeter than the rest and this explains why they are more popular and expensive.

Now that you know the difference between red, green, orange, and yellow bell peppers, it’s time for you to grab yourself some of these crunchy rainbow veggies and make them a vital part of your favourite dishes to get a proper nutritional boost.

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